11 Lakh Railway Employees get 78 days straight Bonus – Rs.2000 Cr


One of the greatest news got into the light from the Union Cabinet that 11.5 Lakh employees are getting a straight 78-days bonus. Almost,  employees are getting 3 months of salary as a bonus.

Rs. 2000 Cr will be given to 11.52 Lakh employees

Discussion of Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Prakash Javadekar resulted for the employee bonus and they also told media regarding the discussion happened in the cabinet.

The complete distribution amount will be Rs. 2000 Cr amoung 11.52 Lakh employees. It is the recognition of the hard work of the employees who worked very hard to keep up the job up.

This level of bonus can give high specs of activeness among the employees which can make them work with honesty.

The government also mentioned the point to give the bonus in accordance with the appreciation of the work.

Not limiting to these, Indian Railways also decided to offer Job for 2.5 Lakh people in which more than 50% quota is reserved for the women.

National Transporter has shown the affectiveness toward the employees to deal with the workload and the stress to avoid mental illness.

Key decision was taken in the Union Cabinet

  • The cabinet approved wages for more than 11.5 lakh people.
  • Approved more than 2.5 Lakh jobs in which 50% is reserved for women.
  • This is not for the first time, employees are getting a bonus for the Sixth consecutive year.
  • They have banned E-cigarettes as well.

These key decisions are for the welfare of the people and even banning the e-cigarettes as well.

Railway offers Insurance at only 50 paise

Another most important update in terms of safety. IRCTC will offer insurance of Rs. 10 Lakh for just 50 paise.

The insurance can only be availed using the IRCTC website and it is limited to the Indian citizens.

These are major improvement and safety updates from Indian Railways. There’s a lot more to come in. Stay tuned for more updates.