2019 Top Upcoming Apple Products-The new iPhone 11


After such a great start of the 2019, people are looking for the new technologies where the Apple products are the most favorable of all.

Apple company loves to share and care of their customers hence, they have announced the list of some very hottie products for 2019 which are predicted to be launched in the mid or second half of this year. So let’s just check out the pocket of 2019 Apple products.

This year Apple is more overly focusing on the audio products, as they are willing to launch two to three products mainly for the music lovers, with this there is more to come up in 2019.

Apple AirPods 2

This year Apple is expecting to launch new Apple AirPods with wireless charger and also smaller in size, not only this there would be more new color shades.

airpods 2

The noise cancellation feature is also being expected to be improved with that you might get Hey Siri feature that can help you in keeping your hands free to operate.

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It is also expected to be water resistance than before might be you can wash it twice a day!

Premium Ear Headphones

Today’s generation is fashionable and loves the gadgets which replicates there modern personality.

Apple Headphones

Apple takes to care for such generation too… And willing to launch premium ear headphones.

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The headphones will be wireless and having the great stereo sound quality. It can be assumed that the product might cost $300-500 dollars.


The smaller version of Apple Homepods is also being expected to be launched in 2019 with the cheaper less premium version.

The Apple Homepods can be affordable at the price of $200-300 with the same audio quality as of the current one.

These are the audio products of the Apple that are being expected in 2019, that’s not all Apple will also update or launch the most sellable tablets, iPads, and iPhones in this upcoming year.

iPad Mini 5

The iPad Mini is being expected to release with the updated version in the second half of 2019.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini 5 might get upgraded processor and cheaper screen component with the same features and facilities available in the current iPad Mini.

Apple iPad

Apple is also going to update the iPad with the slimmer bases and larger screen of 10 inches. The features and functions might be the same as iPad 9.7 inch.

Apple iPad

The cost of this iPad is expected to be cheaper around $330-360. A killer offer for the iPad lovers with the Apple stick attached to it.

Mac Pro

A new Mac Pro is going to be launched by the Apple with the facility of modular customization.

This is the most helpful function for the today’s time, you will be able to switch out your memory cards and ram whenever you wish.

Mac Pro

This is one of the professional product’s that can help you to switch out the Mac processor of your Mac Pro.

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Apple claims that this is one of the modular versions of the Mac Pro in the list of 2019, as the current Mac Pro is not being updated since 2013.

Apple iMac Pro Display

This is second product that Apple has claim to be launched in 2019 with many new specifications and channel subscription through official channels, so you don’t need to use any other apps or download the series.

iMac Pro

There are many rumours going up in the market but rather than all it is being confirmed that this Apple iMac Pro display will be having the highest resolution of 8K.

The people who are really the great fan of Apple must go with these two Mac Pro and Modular Apple Display, the upcoming products of Apple.

iPhone 11

The most sell-able and love-able product for the consumers have also some new versions in 2019.

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max super premium iPhones following the range of $999 and $1999 respectively.

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The new features might be the face ID authentication and also the finger sensor feature on screen.

iPhone 11

It’s been also said that there will be three lenses on one or the both iPhones expecting with the faster processor. The company is also upgrading AI versions of these new iPhone models.

Apple Watch

The 5th generation Apple watch is going to be launched mostly in September or in the second half of the 2019.

Apple announced the new launch of Apple Watch Series 4 with the crazy health features probably ECG functionality.

Apple Watch

The years ago Apple was trying to add the features of glucose measuring but it’s not possible but for sure Apple is going to add some new health features in upcoming 2019 Apple Watch.

In 2019, Apple has lots of new techno products to launch and make the iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods fans are again crazy in this pretty new year. Hope you like the information and don’t forget to share.

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