2019 WhatsApp latest features and latest updates


WhatsApp is the most used App in terms of usage and on-time of single user. It is the only application which is used by all ages.

The catch is…though we use WhatsApp on daily basis we won’t be able to keep an eye on all the latest features which we get via updates.

To know these features you need to keep your WhatsApp up-to date.

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Today in this post I will share some updates and features of WhatsApp which rolled out in 2019.

Easy Group Video calling.

However, this feature is already enabled for WhatsApp Beta users.( Testing Phase ). If you want to be a beta tester. Click Here

Now it is officialy got into Android and it is there for iOS since December 2018.

Here you will have individual button to place a group video call. By which makes easier to users to make video call in groups.

whatsapp update
WhatsApp Video

You may think this feature is already been since August 2018. But it was used to be difficult for some users to place group video calls.

Before , to place a video call you need to place a video call to a contact. After that you can proceed for video call.

Ahh… Some users might not see complicated but in the time saving and easy going world. Users are keen to attaract towards technology which can make their work more easier and simpler.

How to place video call in WhatsApp – Latest Update.

You have read about the old version of video call and now I will share you to place video call on latest version of WhatsApp.

In this version you can place video call to any of your WhatsApp group contacts.

To do so…

You need to tap on ” Add Participant “ button right next to the hamburger button. After that you will have a list of participants to which you need to place a group video call.

However you cannot make video calls to more than 4 people. Anyways there won’t be much space for 5th member to fit in a single screen.

In some situation, your friend might not be in a single group due to some fights between you people. Just kidding… In that situation if you want to make a group video call you need to follow the old procudure.

If you opt for Beta version for any Application you need to take care of Bugs and crashes which can affect the performance and security aswell.

Your messages can expose to stranges… Take care.

Wait wait… It’s not the case your friends peeps into your phone while chatting with someone.

It doesn’t effect you much if your friends sees your messages. But you may feel bit awkward if your WhatsApp messages are seen by unknown persons.

However it is not a feature, it’s just an update and I will update this post when it gets resolved.

This issue came into light by a lady claimed that she was able to get some others WhatsApp images and messages.

She experienced this when she installed WhatsApp on her new phone and tried to restore backup. Instead of getting her own messages she got backup messages and photos from someother.

You can see the twitter chats…

Steps to avoid these situations

This can occur due to the numbers which you have stopped using. So if you stop using certain number which is associated with WhatsApp.

Telecom operators will block your SIM which in unused for 6 months. So the previous number used by you will be avaliable for sale to another person.

If any new user purchase the SIM card and if he installs whatsApp in with that number. He might get your WhatsApp chats as a backup restore.

To avoid these you need to migrate your WhatsApp to a new number before stop using your previous number.

To do it in a simple way you can use ” Change Number Feature ” By using this feature you can migrate your WhatsApp photos , information and groups as well. By doing this , you can avoid these circumstances.

Avoid spreading Fake News

We all have a habit or some to forward the content which we get from our friends and family.

We generally don’t tend to think wheather the mesage whicgh we got form WhatsApp is geuine or not.

To stop this, government has sent notices to the company to stop these type of fake news. So WhatsApp had noticed and considered the notices and taken action to stop these.

So if you forward any content to someone it shows the forward text which means it has been forwarded and not the original one.

Moreover the forwading is limited to only 5 members which means you cannot forward the message to more than 5 persons.

What do you think about the steps implemented by the company ? Do you think this can stop wildfire spread of fake news?

Secure your WhatsApp by using fingerprint

This feature is not new to certain payment apps but it might be a new feature in WhatsApp.

In case of Android and iPhone’s we need to use third-party application to enbale security for WhatsApp.

In latest update WhatsApp has enabled bioimetrics into its Authentification feature to enhance the security in Android and iOS devices.

This could be a new good feature which can keep your WhatsApp unaccessible to your friends.

To enable this feature , what you need to do is…

  • Go to Settings
  • Select ‘Privacy’
  • Click ‘Authentification’ 
  • Select Fingerprint to enable the security.

You can Dictate message and WhatsApp will do it for you.

These days we are totally depended on the technology and we try to do things as easy as possible.

If you feel so lazy to type a message or else you’re in a situation that you cannot type any message. Then this feature can help you a lot.

WhatsApp had rolled out the new feature by which you just need to say the message orally and it will be delivered to that person. Cool right?!

To enable this feature what you need to do is…

  • Open the contact which you would like to send message.
  • Tap on the ” Type ” bar and there you will find the Mic icon and tap on it.
  • Whatever message you want to send, you need to speak out and it will be delivered to that person.
  • For Android users you will get the Mic button placed above and for iOS users you will get downwards.

WhatsApp New settings Page

This is not related to something Add-on features. Instead it has been redesign the options in the Settings. The redesign options are…

  • Payments
  • Network Usage
  • Two-Step Verification

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That’s all for now… We will update this list according to the new features list.