4 Lakh extra seats will be avaliable – Indian Railways – HOG Technology


Good news for the frequent train travelers. With the new scheme, IRCTC will be adding extra 4 lakh seats on a daily basis.

We often do get waiting list for the searched trains, but this time there will be some sort of the change in the availability of the tickets.

Possible with HOG system

  • Till now, many trains have housing for the diesel generators which usually deliver electricity for all purposes in the train.
  • Trains usually have one or two power cars which are also known as End of Generation.

HOG which is called Head On Generation, the technology used to generate power to all the power units in the train.

By this, it is not needed to add extra car housing generators to supply power.

According to the report, 5000 coaches of the Indian Railways will run based on the HOG system by October.

One of the major advantages of the system is that it is eco-friendly and won’t release any harmful gases.

Even in revenue terms, it will save Rs. 6000 crore in fuel bills every year and it has huge saving impact on the government.

Seats increasing after HOG system

To know it better, we will take the example of Rajdhani express trains…

These trains are presently running on the single locomotive with two diesel-powered generator cars attached at the rear of the train.

Rajdhani currently has 22 coaches placed with 1200 berths combing all the categories.

After placing the HOD technology, the power cars will be of no use and they will be replaced with the AC 3 – Tier coaches which add 130 berths.

If this technology applies to all the present train, it can really accommodate additional of 4 – Lakh seats from October.

Trains with latest technology

The Northern Railway in a statement said that currently six pairs of Shatabdi, four pairs of Rajdhani…

  • 12235/36 Anand Vihar T._ Madhupur Jn.
  • Humsafar Express, 22401 Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Udhampur AC Express.
  • 12280/79 Taj Express
  • 12497/98 Shan-e- Punjab Express are being run on this system.

In the next turn, 11 pairs of the train will be getting this technology which includes…

  • 02 Shatabdi Express
  • 02 Duranto
  • 07 Mail Express

So, by this extra seats can be allocated with more chancing of available tickets to the users.

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ICRCTC will charge you extra in the form of Service Charge