75 Lakh Adobe accounts leaked online. Adobe says nothing to worry


Adobe exposed a 7.5 Million user account to Online and it is solely caused by mistake or error from the Adobe.

Luckily, the Financial records and the transactional information are not exposed online or else it may cause a major loss to the Adobe.

As per the reports

If you’re a creative Cloud user, then you may be the one to get affected with the expose.

According to Adobe, 75 Lakh accounts were exposed to the public internet and in a matter of seconds, it can turn into a disaster.

The issue was first reported by Comparitech that the account details were exposed in a database the could be accessed by anyone without any security question or password.

What kind of data got exposed

It is a crucial aspect of any data exposure as if the financial information got exposed can lead to a major loss for the company and the customers.

However, there’s no financial information in the records and it is a very good sign of relief.

The exposed data contains information about customer account details.

Data exposure contain

The data contain the basic information of the user like the…

  • Email Address
  • Adobe ID ( Username )
  • Country of Origin 
  • Subscription status 
  • Payment Status 

How did Adobe get the notification

The security researcher Bob Diachenko from Security Discovery and Paul Bischoff discovered the bug and then be notified to Adobe on  October -19.

According to him, the issue was present about a week on the internet and it is still unknown whether the data is accessed by third-party persons.

Adobe fixed the issue

No need to worry further! Soon after the news, Adobe fixed the server and the database was secured on the same day.

Even Adobe customers praised for its quick response and fix.

Adobe confirmed the details of the vulnerability” in a Security Update posted to its website.

Reason for this breach

However, Adobe has accepted the leak from its server in one of the blog posts on Friday.

The incident occurred due to a mistaken configuration in one of its prototype environments.

This led to a serious security breach that caused the server to expose to the internet.

However, these are fixed and rectified and also taken extra measures to prevent further occurrences.

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