8 Tips to Make Sure You Do Blogger Outreach correct and successful


Blogger outreach is a great tool to make your marketing campaign a success, only if done right. Top bloggers come with loyal, trusting readers and followers. So, asking a blogger to recommend your product or service is a good way to convince lots of people to try out your product. But then, blogger outreach must be done in the correct way else it also has the power to break the success of your marketing campaign.


Here are 7 tips to ensure you do blogger outreach in the right way.

1) Say their name, the first thing that they look for in any guest blogging proposal is their name. So, it is highly recommended that you use the person’s name(Bloggers name) when you contact them with your proposal.

Having their name right at the top of your mail is a guarantee that your mail would never be trashed without giving a look. So replace your “Dear Blogger” message with their name to make them know that you know them and have done a bit of research before writing your proposal mail.


2) Use a Personalized Approach, a guest blogging proposal template is something most bloggers can make out at a glance. They do realize when it’s a template and when it is a genuinely personal proposal. Think personal and personalize your message writing about why you have chosen them or did you get their reference from a friend or so.

Top bloggers write about things that are actually aligned with their tone of writing, their audience and their personality. So, it is advisable to contact them only if you feel they would be interested in your product or service.


3) Refrain yourself from sending mass emails to refrain yourself from keeping a list of emails of the top bloggers, writing a mail and sending it to your entire list. Blogger outreach doesn’t work this way. I know, it is pretty time-consuming to write separate emails for every other blogger with a personalized touch but then, it is a way of showing respect. And it is the secret to a higher conversion rate. Moreover, your mail should focus on the benefit of both parties and not just yours.


4) Develop a relationship putting in efforts to develop a blogging relationship is far more appreciated than the hundreds of strictly promotional proposals. A relationship would yield more opportunities and ultimately benefit you in the long-run.

5) A great blogger outreach doesn’t have to be mercenary or transactional. Aim to build and nurture a long-term relationship by contacting in a personalized way, asking questions, staying in touch and looking for further places where you can add value back to them. This is a great way to expand your professional network.


6) Never ask for fake reviews, one thing you should never do for your blogger outreach is to ask the blogger for a fake review for your product or service. Asking them to review your stuff is good but you should expect to get an honest review and not a fake, positive one. It takes a lot of time to build up readers who trust them and they won’t do fake reviews that could spoil their reputation among their readers


7) Don’t expect free service Bloggers are not free people who would work for free. Offer them something like a backlink or some cash or your product at a discounted rate or stuff like that. Respect the time and effort that they have put in to build up a loyal following. When they’ll speak about you, your product or service with their followers, you should also give something back to them.

8) Always follow up As important it is to send your first email, so are the follow-up emails. Sometimes, your first mail couldn’t have been able to get their attention or maybe it would not have reached the blogger. So, following up is essential but ensure that you do that in a friendly manner and don’t spam their mailbox.

It is only after getting a clear ‘no’ that you should stop. Following up is a way to show that you are genuinely interested in talking to them and make things work out. Conclusion Blogger outreach is indeed an essential part of marketing campaigns since no advertising medium could ever replace the worth of words of mouth advertising. Approaching bloggers to speak to their audiences is a good way to build an online network of your own and let masses know, what you have to offer. But, ensure that you respect bloggers and make them feel respected. That’s the only way you could do blogger outreach right.


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