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Blogging is one of the many important practices that a person needs to make a habit of. Blogging is the master key to stay updated about the every day world. It helps in increasing writing skills and also helps to convey your thoughts to the viewers through social media. One of the most notable social media blogging which has become a craze within a very short time can be easily identified as Twitter.

Yes. Twitter has been a site of both good and bad blogging. The storms of ‘hashtags‘ and ‘retweets‘ is really a fast increase in statistics, in the world of internet. On registering at Twitter it lets you post blogs. However, the quality of your blog determines the number of people who will follow or retweet your post. We have gathered here to surprise the vast number of Twitter users with a few hacks by which we can create major attraction for Twitter post. The ways are as follow:

Writing short contents

Writing short contents can be one of the most useful ways to increase the amount of popularity of a blog. The short content of a blog would easily attract more people because people living in the world today prefer short contents to longer ones. Contents which are short and precise, easily acknowledgable yet catchy are viewed more, resulting into its increase of follows, retweets and shares. Even though Twitter sets the word limit to 140, its better to make it even shorter. According to a specific survey done, it has been found out that the most of the shared and followed tweets have their word limits mainly between 80 to 110 words. So, if someone wants their tweet to be posted or retweeted it is better to keep the content of the tweet brief.

Short Content


Sharing a number of links

The best way to make your tweet viewed by maximum traffic, it is better to use one or more links in the specific tweet. Besides wanting to share the blog, there are also intentions of sharing others’ contents or websites and sending traffic to them. However, we never want to make our own benefit only but also want to popularise our virtual neighbors or fellow users of social media. Talking about good contents or any website on any subject that was found outside twitter, can be shared and popularised with a few links and punches of aligned adjectives. That always increases the amount of viewers to our blog and their increased level of activity surrounding it.


One very important practise for Twitter users, desiring an increased rate in views and shares of his blog is responding to the fellow Twitter user. Though its tough for a large scale companie to do that, but still if they take care of their visitor individually it will not take long for viewers to like the company and thus like the blogs. Initiating a conversation with the viewer is essential. Unsatisfied customers should be dealt with politely and the complaints should be taken care of. This interaction will effect in increased amout of viewers to a specific blog.

Use of Advertisement

While we are looking to best engagement, what comes in ones mind immediately are Twitter Ads. This can prove to be a great way to increase the traffic, especially if you don’t have a lot of followers that frequently engage with your content. Twitter Ads are expensive (even more expensive than Facebook Ads), but they are worth it and must help in increasing the engagement when in need. Thus superior work and result is promised by twitter ads. Twitter ads may cost high but can easily drive traffic offsite.

Another type of ads that can be used for increasing the traffic is called Conversational Ads. Conversational ads are possessed by minimum number of people till today. These powerful devices are used to increase the engagement at Twitter. It it also promotion of the brand name. It includes the Twitter users to post or use hashtags about the brands. This obviously results into a good advertisement of the brand and also a good amount of engagement at your Twitter blog. This being interactive because of users being able to customise the ‘pre- populate brand message” and are automatically thanked in return. This is still a beta and is a super awaited public feature at Twitter.

Initiation of engagement.

You should engage yourself into other users’ blogs at first. Initiation engagement should be started from you so that you can expect that person to view your tweet or even follow and share it. This obvious amount of growth in interaction would lead into a good virtual relationship between two or more Twitter user. This is a guaranteed way to increase the amout of engagement at Twitter.

Mandatory use of hashtags

Use of hashtag is absolutely necessary in a Twitter post. A hashtag ‘#’, helps in brings people to your post who were searching foe posts with the similar hashtag. And it increases the engagement, inevidently. Use of hashtag can cause a tweet to be retweeted and followed, by 33% more than the one without a hashtag. Two advantages that we get from these hashtags can be summed upto firstly, getting increased rate of attraction from other Twitter users on a regular basis and secondly, its a brilliant fit into the culture of Twitter and other social medias.

Posting images.

Images have always been a very important part of social media. This importance increases to a great extent when it comes to the limit of 140 character of a blog at Twitter. Posting image is an easy way to increase Twitter engagement. One can post up to 4 pictures in a single tweet. If not 4 pictures then it may just be one but it must be there. Market study has proven that the post with a picture on more fetches 313% more engagement than that with no pictures. Thus use of a name with a picture can be a useful hack for increasing Twitter engagement.

Less number of Tweets

It is better not to Tweet more than 1-3 times a day both for brands and general users. Again, referring to market survey, it has been successfully shown that engagements at brands or general user tweets which are less than 4 times a day is way more than that of the ones with 4 and more tweets at per day basis. This is one gret benefit of the scheduling tools. These tools make it easy for the user to see how many tweets he needs to post a day and not more.

Asking questions.

Finally this has been the most useful method for increasing public indulgement at a tweet. It is the method of asking questions to the public and letting your comment box flood with their answers. This can be upon any issue, a question of any preferred genre. People love to give their opinions about anything and everything that the have encountered in any case. If this unconventional and witty methods are used by brands, this can help in there promotion and increased engagement of people on their posts. This whole thing can earn them a lot of money if used properly.
Thus here we are summing up our facts by which you can increase the engagement at your Twitter account.


    • Both have different strategies of Advertising , Facebook have many ways for Advertising your content and comparatively the cost is low. So , if your going for leads generation Facebook is better , If your going for content related stuff to engage more people , then Twitter would be better.

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