About Me

About   stackrackal


The built of stackrackal was on 12-12-15 and coming to the main point, what does stackrackal offers you?

Points to be mentioned:

  • Basic technology tips required in day to day life.
  • Also provides info about computer softwares with tutorials.
  • Blogging tips through my personal experience.
  • Gadgets rating and review
  • And personal development skills called life hacks.
  • Some of the interesting stuff which entertains you.
  • And the latest technological updates in a clear cut form.
  • And many entrepreneur tips which help is boost earning in your business.


Coming to me …   let me introduce myself

This is Anil Kumar, completed my under Graduation at Surat. I am the person behind Stackrackal.com

I am here to simply complex stuff. I started out this for passion about sharing my learning and experience.

You know for starting something new which is unrelated to routine,  needs something inspirational incident should occur in your life, as same happened in my case too…

When I was studying class 11th, newly I got an iPad, usually I would always stick to it most of the time and at the same case I am a big fan of YouTube and I used to watch comedy and entertainment videos much , meanwhile I came across a very viral popular video called “ (Charile Bit my little finger) nearly the video has nearly 1 billion hits till date.

Scroll on TV reflects the video which had nearly earned crores of rupees. I was stunned, how could they really earn this much, by advertising, so that moment I realised, we too can also earn bucks online. Later I created a blog on blogger.com and wrote about tech related articles, I became more passionate about the views which I got and by taking inspiration of labnol.org by Amit Agarwal and started a website called (newsuptodatedaily.com) I continued it for 1 year and done many experiments and learned many things about blogging and I am here with professional website www.stackrackal.com