Amazon is planning to launch 3000+ satellites to reach out internet


It is clear that Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce giants and the founder Jacob is the richest person in the world.

Expansion in various type of projects is the main AIM to compete with the world and its technology.

It has entered into the streaming service which is interlinked with the Delivery and first sale basis.

Due to this special extra premium feature exclusive for prime members made the streaming services so popular in no time.

Moreover now Amazon is planning to expand its business for the people who still don’t have access to the internet. Still, there are many who don’t even have access to the internet and can potentially increase in numbers for Amazon and as well as for other online services.

How Amazon is planning to reach out to users who don’t have internet

The major connectivity is all depended on the Satellite communication. So the major solution to reach out the internet to the unserved is to launch the satellites. Only with this means the internet can have a wide range of reach to the unserved people.

Fact: Amazon has its own space company called Blue origin founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos.

The final AIM of Jeff Bezos is to make the internet to reach every person in the world. To possibly achieve this, Amazon will launch 3326 Satellites to the space to achieve the desired target.

By this people can access Low latency and high-speed internet which will be revolutionary news.  Some of the aspects are still unclear like say…how many people will it be able to serve.

Amazon project is named as Kepler

However, all the details are not out officially. But Amazon had officially announced they are on to the project for the mission which is named as Project Kuiper.”  This project can solve the various problem of people like.

  • Slow Internet Connection
  • High Latency
  • People who don’t have access to the internet.

access internet

How many satellites amazon is launching and what will be the plan?

As mentioned Amazon is launching 3,236 satellites in low earth orbit. Out of 3,236 satellites, 784 satellites will be launched at an altitude of 590 kilometres and 1,296 satellites at a height of 610 Kilometers.

Amazon also claimed that it will provide data coverage for spots ranging from 56 degrees north to 56 degrees south.

How much time does it take to accomplish this project?

It’s not an overnight mission or not a single satellite to be launched. They are in 000’s so obviously it will be a very long term project.

But taking initiate and providing details will be in a positive hand. Although it is meant for a long project it is going to happen in the near future.

Is there any similar project which helps to lay the foundation for internet reach

  • SpaceX ( Elon Musk) launched its satellites for further research and also Starlink broadband data constellation.
  • OneWeb had launched it’s first 6 satellites for broadband in Low Earth orbit.
  • Telesat had also introduced it’s a first broadband satellite in Low-Earth orbit last year.
  • Facebook, Boeing also laid a foundation for the plan to make internet access via satellites.

Some satellites which are in use for accessing the internet from space are in geosynchronous orbit and they are operated by  Viasat and Hughes Network Systems.

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