Top AirPods Tips and tricks which you must know- Find Lost AirPods


Apple AirPods are one of the costliest earphones avalibale in the market. If you want to know that, AirPods are really worthy. You must read this Article.

Do Apple AirPods Worth to buy? Let’s find out.

In short it is worth to buy if you have lots of money because it looks cool and fits best into the ears.

It doesn’t look odd or it will drop from your ear. It has a very tight fit which can hold even when your dancing.

So it’s pretty much a cool gadget if you have enough money to buy it.If you want to increase the AirPod’s quality by 10X at just $10. Read: Increase AirPods quality by 10X.

In this article, I will be sharing some important tips and tricks for Apple AirPods which you may not know earlier. Even if you don’t have AirPods. It is worth to read it.

Tips and tricks of Apple AirPods

We can’t directly relate this AirPods to normal ones. Internally it has embbed functionality chip which act as touch sensitive feature.

How to connect AirPods to your iPhone

The only way to connect is via Bluetooth. So to connect…First you need to switch on Bluetooth on iPhone. Later your AirPods will be connected automatically.

Change setting in AirPods.

As mentioned you have lots of features. So to customize you need to go to…

  • Settings
  • Bluetooth
  • Tap on ” i ” beside your AirPods connected option.

There you can see lots of customization available to change according to your needs.

airpods tips

Here you can see… By double tapping left AirPod you can assign any one setting mentioned here. If you want to assign SIRI for double tap on left AirPod. You can assign that by ticking to that option.

At the same time you can do it for your right AirPod as well. Isn’t it cool?

What if you want to connect AirPods to any other smartphone device ? It can done very easily. Yes this AirPods are unviversla friendly.

How to connect Apple AirPods to any Android Device.

  • First you need to disconnect AirPods to your iPhone if it is connected.
  • To do that, you need to hold the button behind the AirPods box. So it will disconnect the existing connected device.
  • Now you can connect AirPods to your Android device.
  • Make sure your Android device bluetooth is switched on.
  • That’s it…AirPods will get connected to your Android device.

Unfortunately you cannot all the features if you pair AirPods to your Android device.

How can you find your lost AirPods with your iPhone ?

It’s like a dream come true by knowing this feature. Because AirPods can easily lost while travelling if someone snatches from you. You may think now there’s no option fro finding it. But you’re wrong. You can find the lost AirPods as well.

To find your lost AirPods you need to go to…

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on ” Find my iPhone “
  • There you will find all connected devices. There you can locate your AirPods pin point location. It works via chip inside AirPods. So even if bluetooth is not connected you can find them.

Live Listen feature in AirPods.

First of all what is ” Live Listen Feature in AirPods”.

In simple words, you can hear own voice via AirPods.To enable this feature you can access via control panel. If not, you can enable this by…

  • Go to settings.
  • Control center.
  • Then go to customize options.
  • There you will find ” Hear”
  • Enable this in control center.

Now from control center press hear icon. To enable this feature you need to keep AirPod into an ear. Later you can hear your own voice.

Listen TV Audio directly to your AirPods.

This feature is avalible only to the those who own Apple TV. To listen you need to long press play button on Apple TV Remote. Then you can see AirPod on your TV. Select to get audio output to your AirPods

Either you can do it in another way…

  • Go to settings in your Apple TV.
  • There you need to go to Video and Audio.
  • Go to Audio Output.
  • From there you can select Airpods.

AirPods protection

What if your AirPods fall into water ? You need protection right? Yes you can have protection to your AirPods box.

This pouch type of thing can protect your box from water and it acts as water resistance. There is no need to remove AirPods from the pouch. You can easily charge keeping the box into the pouch and even you can use it normally.

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