Gold demand is all high buy Gold before price goes up-Akshaya Tritiya


This can be different versions of the people. The one people mindset is full of investment and money and another version of people is related to the tradition of Gold.

The tradition of Gold is followed by many Indians as India is a cultural country and the belief is in to have at least 1 Gram of gold.

The most surprising part of it is that it does have a separate day called Akshaya Tritiya which is on May 7, 2019.

It is believed that Gold needs to be purchased on the day of Akshaya Tritiya and it is also meant to start any new work or you can buy any new item.

The definition of Akshaya Tritiya is unending and Tritiya is the name of the third lunar day of the month of Vaisakha in the Hindu calendar.

What’s so special of Akshaya Tritiya?

On this day four planets will be in high amount. Which in short will be a good start for your business or the projects.

akshaya tritiya 2019

If you’re looking to start something new or any shop opening. This will be a perfect day for you to start it.

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As this is the special day people will buy something this day or they will invest in something.

The valuable thing will one side be gold so buying gold got a special attraction and you will get to see that many Gold shops start their Ad campaigns and they also offer huge discounts on that particular day.

Do Gold mines depleting and there’s a difficult situation now?

The first thing we should understand is that Gold never goes out of fashion and people will buy it no matter what.

What do I refer for ” No matter what “. Every India has the wish to purchase some Gold in their lifetime.

So the demand for Gold will be in a state of rising and there is no fall of demand for the Gold. But at the same time, the supply won’t be constant. Because Gold is valuable material and it requires a good amount of work to extract it.

If you look into the past 10-15 years people who have invested in Gold has got a good amount of return in the long-run.

For an investor especially, a Gold is must to be taken place into the portfolio.

Two types of Gold extraction

This is the reason Gold is very valuable and at the same time, it scares as well. In terms of mining, you have two ways…

  • Easy Gold
  • Difficult to extract

The extraction will be the common practice for both the ways. But the main difference is in the work involved in the extraction. The easy gold is available in more quantity in which we need to mine less amount of core. Whereas having a difficult extraction state that you need to mine a lot to get a good amount of Gold.

So the easy getting gold is already done and the left out part is the difficult extraction part and the mining cost gradually goes up.

So it is guaranteed that you will see a higher price Gold in the coming years. It is better to buy Gold as an investment.

What are the advantages of buying gold as a similar currency?

It’s not the advantages which you think… It’s bit a technical side and investor perspective side.

Gold is a unique item or valuable asset whoever in the world recognize and will buy it from you. When you have Gold Bisquite you can sell it at a market price whenever you want.

If you have Gold you can easily get loans using the Gold. Unlikely you don’t have this option to get a loan using other investment assets you have… Say like Mutual Funds etc.

Akshaya Tritiya Offers by Jewellery shops

Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

However, you need to pay for making charges if you buy the Gold. So here you will get 50% on making charges. It is valid only up to 7 May 2019.

Tata Cliq

You will get 10% on Gold and diamond jewellery on ICICI debit and credit cards.


You will get 25% on the making charges an additional 20% on diamond jeweller.