Amazon new Alexa compatible Smart products – Smart Oven


Amazon’s Alexa is one of the popular assistants. It even out beats the  Google Home for its response and compatibility of the device.

If you’re wondering, Alexa can be used to control each and every part of your room. Like, say, You can switch on and off your bulbs, Fans, Air Conditioners, and many others.

With Alexa, you can do lots of other stuff too…

  • Listen to your Favourite Music

You can just give a slight hint to Alexa and it will play the requested song. To play, you just need to say ” Alexa, play ” Animals ” and you’re done.

It can play songs according to the mood, you can just say ” Hey Alexa, play Happy songs. Alexa will play music in the composer with a Happy mood. Moreover, you can set the Equalizer according to the theme of the song.

  • Device Controls

If you have smart objects in your home, then you can connect with Alexa for voice command operations. It can also control supported smart thermostats like the Nest Thermostat.

  • Set common routines in Alexa

This is one of the innovate features in Alexa. In this, you can set certain routines like when you’re home, All smart lights should be switched on and Heater should get turned on.

For this, you can just set a single phrase and add the following routines under a single phrase. So, next time whenever you say the phrase all the activities mentioned under will be activated.

Alexa new products launches

Alexa has the ability to take over and automate the home products without taking any extra efforts. Keeping this in mind, Alexa had come up with new smart products that can be activated using Alexa.

One of the best products from Amazon’s Annual Hardware event is the ” Echo Buds ” which is the best alternative to Apple’s AirPods.

Amazon Echo buds are priced at $129 ( Rs. 9,000 ) with almost equal quality of Apple Airpods.

It has a battery backup of 5 hours which is a bit low, but you can also charge using a laptop or power within minutes.

Echo buds come with the Noise cancellation and the technology is borrowed from Bose.

The buds are available for pre-orders in the US on September 26th.

Echo Studio for Caregivers

The company had also come up with the Echo Studio. an outstanding speaker compared to its previous generation.

It offers high-quality 3D sound using Dolby Atmos technology and it is available in India for Rs. 22,999.

Amazon updated its Echo speakers with the new color options which are priced at Rs. 5,499 for the Dot series, and Rs 9,999 for the bigger version.

The echo loop is the smallest device ever introduced. It comes with a ring design and can be used as a regular ring. It holds the Microphone and a tine button which can be used to attend calls and can also perform other functionalities.


Echo Glow

This is nothing but changing its color and mainly designed for kids. It changes its colors by tapping on it and has way different color shades. It is priced at $30 ( Rs. 3,000 )

Echo Flex

It is a  speaker that you can plug directly into a wall outlet. It can be used for charging your phones as well. It has a USB port at a bottom which can be used as a night-stand as well as for charging. It is priced at $29.

Ring camera

2019 Ring-stick cam can be used Indoors and outdoors which can use solar power for charging the device. It has 1080p HD video with motion detection and night vision as well.

When it detects the motion, it will notify your smartphone to alert you.

Smart Oven.

Amazon’s Smart Oven has Convention cooking, an air fryer, and food warmer. With the built-in technology, Alexa will let you know when to reduce the temperature or stir the food from time to time.

The smart oven is priced at $249 and comes with Echo Dot smart speaker.


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