Amazon Hacked and it’s no prank or joke, sellers became victims.

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The surprising advantage and disadvantage of the internet are the adverse advantages and at the same time, it has a different scenario with disadvantages.

Sometimes it feels it has an upper hand in the aspect of a disadvantage when the fraud goes onto beyond limits where common people’ money are in danger.

It is true that the internet has more importance than our normal life because everywhere it had become mandatory to have the internet.

One of the saddest parts of the online world is hacking and the hacking is done by only smart people. We can say a smart educated criminal.

Online hacking and frauds are in the boom of the interner world and now the E-commerce giant Amazon got into the trouble and got a victim of hacking and its all real.

What actually happened and how Amazon got hacked?

The main concern about hacking is that… 100 Amazon sellers were affected by this fraud.

The main point which has been started between the date of May and October 2018.

Obviously, we all know that Amazon doesn’t own all the products listed on the Amazon. It is a collection of All sellers, selling their products online and whenever a product is purchased. The seller needs to provide a little commission to the Amazon. The work process of the Amazon works in this way.

amazon hacked

What happened to the 100 sellers of Amazon?

The 100 sellers of Amazon accounts got hacked and the hackers got control over the accounts of the sellers.

After the hackers got control over those accounts they have changed the bank accounts of the sellers to their personal accounts which are related to the hackers.

So now they have initiated the withdrawal and all the amount which is in the seller’s account is transferred to the hacker’s bank account.

Now you may think that how much amount got transferred. This is not yet revealed and obviously, the most important part of Amazon is their sellers. So Amazon paid them in terms of loans and sales. It is around $1 Billion.

 What are the actions Amazon is taken up after the hack?

Amazon had told that the investigation work process is going on. It is also requested that the company requested London Judge to approve the searches of account statements to investigate the fraud.

The first fraud transaction had occurred on May 16, 2018, and it is a filing date of the incident.

Even after the incident first, occurred neither Amazon nor Prepay Technologies immediately responded to a comment from CRN.

Here banks got into rescue, they have said that they will close the criminal accounts to safeguard customers money.

Actually, this is the update from the last 6 to 7 months. If there is any further update will let you know.