Amazon opens its new Campus in Hyderabad- All you need to know


One of the world’s richest person Jeff Bezos holds one of the largest e-commerce company Amazon. He is well known that India is one of the largest markets and can show significant results.

Keeping this in mind, Outside US, the new Amazon campus opened in Indian, Telangana which stays for many big IT companies.

The New Amazon campus in India

Amazon India on Wednesday inaugurated the Indian campus in Hyderabad. This campus will alone keep 15,000 employees compared to the whole 62,000 employees.

As mentioned, India will be the largest market in the coming years due to the rapid growth in technology and as well as in people. This is one of the expansion project led by Amazon in India. The location of the project is near to the Top IT sector area Hi-Tech city which makes convenient to reach the office.

Past establishments in India by Amazon

Taking record of the past 15 years…

  • Amazon invested in 30 large office spaces.
  • Servers of AWS ( Amazon Web Services )
  • 50 packaging centers in 15 different states.
  • Along with that, many storage facilities small pick-up centers also setup.

The storage space of 3.2 million cubic feet storage space for the sellers to cope up with their orders.

The major development contributed around 2,00,000 Jobs to work at these places.

The new Amazon campus

The size and infrastructure tell about the campus strength and the capability of the impact it can create.

The campus is spread over 9.5 acres which stands the largest one besides the US campus which has 155,000 employees.

This is one of the largest campuses among the big companies in the country. This means Amazon has the plan to expand its sources even more in India making more number of Jobs.

The standards of the Amazon campus is at its best satisfying all the Global standards. This includes a Helipad in case of any emergency or for the corporates to visit the campus.

It also has a destination control system to manage lifts or elevators and these can move up to a speed of 1 floor per second and can reach the top floor within 50 seconds.

The campus includes 290 conference rooms, 24-hour open cafeteria, Prayer rooms, Study rooms, Library, Silent rooms and much more.

Some Interesting Facts about the campus

  • The foundation of the company laid on March 30. 2016.
  • When we compare the size of the campus, it can fit 65 football fields.
  • They used 2.5 more steel than the Eiffel Tower in terms of weight.
  • There are 49 elevators which can move 972 people simultaneously.
  • According to the standards, there are 300 trees and 8.5 Lakh water recycling plant.

Job Opportunities

However, with this campus, you can get a good reach for Job Opportunites in Amazon as there are a lot of new employees coming to the new campus. There are already members to the new campus, but it would easily accommodate new employees.