Mobiles can be hacked with just 1 SMS – 1 Billion Smartphones at Risk

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Security flaws in Android nowadays becoming increasing day by day. But this time it is very much serious and to be very cautious.

Top mobile companies are vulnerable

Top security flaw and checkpoint observed in top brand smartphone manufacturers which are…

  • Samsung
  • Android
  • LG
  • Huawei

Researchers at cybersecurity found the bug in the Android-based smartphones. They claimed that it just needs a single message to get access to smartphones. By this, they can access to a person’s email completely.

Given the popularity of Android devices, this is a critical vulnerability that must be addressed,” said Slava Makkaveev, a security researcher at Check Point.

The count of the numbers

Most smartphone devices belong to Android can have a major attack impact. Around 2.5 Billion smartphones around the world use Google Android.

How do the Bug works?

We generally get internet setting via SMS ( also called OMA CP Message)  and we do click on the link to set up the internet setting in our smartphones.

As same, remote agent can ruse users by sending them an SMS which will have new phone setting.

Later, if the user accepts the request and that’s it, the attacker can take control and route user’s traffic through its own proxy.

By this, attackers can see the person’s web-history and read their emails.

Type of message you get on your phone

Vulnerable smartphones

  • Samsung S9
  • Huawei P10
  • LG G6
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium

These smartphones are exposed when tested out for the bug. So if you own these smartphones make sure you don’t click install accidentally.

Statements of Brand responses

Checkpoint officials discussed these security flaws with the brand’s R&D team.

Samsung Response

Samsung released a Security Maintenance Release in the month of May ( SVE-2019-14073)

LG Response

LG had come up with the fix with (LVE-SMP-190006)

Sony Response

Sony didn’t respond to this security flaw and stated that they are following the OMA CP specifications and however, they are on the workshop series with the issue as OPEN – 7587.