Android latest version named Nougat

Android latest version named Nougat

By seeing this blog post you can guess that I am going to say about the new version of Android Operating System. Interesting thing is that Google has continued its series same from C to M at present and still it continuous with the alphabetic order.

The official next version of Android by Google named as Android ‘ N ‘ will be called ‘ Nougat ‘. Before , Google had announced Android 7 , simply as ‘ N ‘ and it put out a call for suggestions starting with ‘ N ‘.

Taking note on the previous name of Google , the terminology was based ¬†on sweet based code name. The third version of Android called as ‘ Cupcake ‘ followed by Donut , Eclair , Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich , Jelly Bean , Kit Kat , Lollipop and most recently Android 6 Marshmallow.Google has agreed with Nestle to use the name KitKat for Android Version 4.4.


Nougat is a chewy sugar or honey based whipped egg-white sweet that often contains nuts. It is the main body of Snickers bar , previously known as Marathon.

Android Nougat is Google next phone and tablet operating system that has been successfully running , is officially more than halfway through the English alphabet , letter 14 of 26.

If you are going to buy new phone in coming days , then you will be having the latest software installed in it. As manufacturers are trying to push the latest software installed in it. But still it takes a while.

Some manufacturers are really quite doing fast at getting updates to the phone as is Motorola. For example , if you consider previous version of Android Marshmallow , still some phone doesn’t have the update till yet. To get the latest software update as soon as Google releases , then Nexus will be more preferable.

HTC also announced to bring Android Nougat to the HTC One A9 and One M9 soon. Meanwhile Motorola also confirmed that , Moto G4 Plus will get Android 7 software in the future.

Now we will see some updated  features installed in Android Nougat.


The new updated Assistant can help with general conversations , which can answer back-and-fourth dialogs. You can get things done like research a restaurant and call a Taxi and open apps and many more similar to this.


This feature is already been available in Samsung and LG for the past years. Now , with new Android version most of us can use this. It works as , you can open both apps at a same time. Apps will be displayed in a split screen.



This feature is from Android wear watches. This feature allows you to reply to the messages from the notification, as this feature is introduced in latest version of WhatsApp. If you receive any text message , you can reply it from the notification itself and you can continue the remaining work which need to be done.

Reply from Notification


This feature was newly introduced in iOS9. This night mode helps to reduce eye strain from viewing a bright display. After switching on , the screen turn light yellow , which keeps you less strainable till late hours of phone usage. Even you can adjust the brightness and set timer for automatically on and off for this feature.

Night Mode



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