India now the 4th country to shoot down Spy Satellite by Anti Satellite Missile


It’s been a proud moment for everyone. Yes! Let’s keep politics aside. Just will focus on achievements and technology as well the process.

India is the 4th country to implement this technology after the US, Russia, and China. 

The same proud moment happened when India launched it’s Mars Mission.

It was a very emotional moment for every India citizen. The same has repeated this time.

On March 27th, PM Modi announces the success of Anti-Satellite Missile technology to the public.

What is Anti-Satellite Missile Technology?

Ani Satellite Missile

Let us understand this in a clear without any Technical Terms. We do have an army to protect our borders and if someone enters our country.

There are many other ways as well to get information about our country. 

The one which monitors from space is a satellite. If any satellite is revolving in our lower-orbit to spy our country.

The technology ” Anti-Satelittle Missile” will take down any satellite that revolves around our space border limits.

The name of this Missile is #MissionShakti and it has successfully taken down the satellite revolving around the Lower-orbit. Which made India make a better position in terms of Space Technology.

It made our country to the wider reach of the audience to know the importance and achievements of the country.

By the way, it is not any other enemy satellite. It is our own satellite revolving at Lower-orbit.

Who started and developed this Mission?

This technology is also called as ASAT and it is developed in India.

The work and all the required procedures are carried out by the Defence Research and Development Organisation. The scientist present in DRDO worked so hard for this mission for the last 6 months.

The technology is already successfully worked out by other Countries. So the work got initiated in 2010, but somehow the Government at those times have not recognized much about this mission and technology.

But the Approval was granted under the Modi Government and it was successfully executed on March 27.

At present, technology in India can easily compete with other countries as well.

Past years all these techniques and technology would only be possible for the United States and all other big nations.

Extra Protection for India

It is specially built for security purpose so it will serve as protection to our country. This weapon will be beast for the armed forces for upcoming years. It will also perform as technology revolutionary.

Being the 4th country to have this technology feels something special. Now from any time if any unknown satellite revolves around lower-orbit to spy our country. The missile will be taken down the satellite which is 300 Km far from earth.

By this, there would be a serious threat to Pakistan Satellites as well. Because with our technology capability we can take down those satellites even.

When did other countries launch their first anti-satellite test?

The first anti was launched by the United States in 1959. At those times satellites are new to everyone.

While developing them,  they thought of destroying them even. The concept of this technology got its life by thinking to destroy the satellites.

In 1985 the USA launched its Ani-Satelite missile from a Fighter jet destroying its own successful satellite.

Recently it also launched Missle from ship to destroyed spy satellite.

The soviet union also tested in the year of 1960 and 1970s.

China also entered this stream in 2007 and it had destroyed its own weather satellite. After destroying, the debris from the destroyed satellite is around 3000 objects which are the largest in history.

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