RBI Alert: If you download this Application, your money can be stolen.


Beware! Beware! Now-a-days it’s been so irritating that some Apps are capable of stealing some vital information from your phone.

But the problem is that we are not capable of identify those Apps which can steal the information.

The only source of identifying them by checking the frequent rating of any application.

If something suspicious happens with the particular application you will get to know via reviews of that App.

Even you can get information via news articles and moreover to be more safe you need to download the Apps which are Editor’s Choice which are safe.

It is not necessarly recommedned to download only Editor’s Choice application. Because not all applications are Editor’s Choice.

The safety measures to be taken before downloading any Application.

  • Do not keep all your important stuff installed on your phone.
  • Never ever save important passwords onto your Notes or in messages. Because these are vulnerable( Easily Hackable).
  • Don’t keep your personal photos.
  • Keep your location off.
  • Don’t accept everything when Application asks for. Read the terms and condition carefully.
  • Don’t install Application which are Low-Rated.

Coming back to the main Point. Which Application you should not download?

Actually it is something different to the normal scneraio. The App called ” Any Desk” which is a Remote Desktop Software which has decent reviews and well developed webvsite as well.

So the issue lies in the fraudsters who use the name of Any Desk and try to trick you.

The reason behind using Any Desk application is that it has good reviews and many useful benifits.

The catch is if you download the Any Desk directly from App store then there is no problem. You won’t get into trouble.

How your money can be stolen ?

You’re very familiar about the Application Advertisments and Popups. So if you see any Popup which is related to Any Desk application. Beware! It may be possible to fraud you and stole your funds.

This information is given by RBI and also warned that new threat has come into exisstense that it may increase many fraduan transactions using Unified Payment Interface.


When ever you click on the Popup and download the application. A 9 Digit code will be generated in Victim’s mobile and for confirmation you need to enter that 9 digit code for activation confirmation. After procedding that’s it. Your phone fully be operated and will be in the hands of fraudsters.

What can fraudsters get after download the fraud Application?

They can easily access your transactionakl information if yur have UPI based applications like Google Pay , BHIM etc.

They can access your account information and automatically fraudstere can make their transactions using your phone itself.

How much transactions is going on Digitally using UPI?

India has been digitalized and the transactions it is carrying out is significatly very high.

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If you look onto the facts that in the year 2017 we have made transaction of Rs. 56,000 Crore. Incredibly in 2018, it has been reached to Rs.5.06 Lakh Crore.

This is a quick Update. Is it better to have a little knowledge regarding these incidents.