Apple AirPods 2 Worth to upgrade ? Know the differences


In my Previous Article, I have mentioned that AirPods 2 is going to get introduced during the Apple 25th event. But here that won’t be a case anymore.

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Apple AirPods have been launched yesterday! Yess! I don’t then what they gonna bring things during the event.

Anyways we will look over AirPods 2 completely knowing all the possible features and facts.

Honestly, the new AirPods 2 is not much exciting. Tim Cook Posted a photo regarding AirPods 2.

Very First question which goes into your mind is to know what are the new aspects in AirPods 2.

What’s new Apple AirPods 2

Apple H1 Chip

airpods 2


So here you can clearly see Apple’s New W1 Bluetooth Chip. You will also get the New Apple H1 Chip.

2X times faster connection speed

What do I mean by connection speed here? It’s obviously connection speed. The time is taken to connect your AirPods with your phone.

In the new generation AirPods as soon as you open up your AirPods it will get connected. The screen popups on your phone stating that it is connected. It can be 2 times faster.

That’s the whole point Apple is claiming that switching between devices won’t be a time taking the process from now onwards.

Get Phone calls Faster with your new AirPods 2

Due to the faster speed of connectivity, you can pick up phones 1.5X faster than before. Which is pretty good.

It looks like Apple had a better focus side on speed optimizing the AirPods 2.

Data Transfer delay had reduced to 30%

Not only that but the latency(the delay before a transfer of data begins following instruction for its transfer) gets reduced as well by 30%.

For example when you play a game…The sound catches in your AirPods little bit late. So now it has been reduced to 30%. By this, you can have high-quality sound.

You can access Hey Siri Feature

Finally, now you no need to Tap on either side of the AirPod to access Siri feature. If you just say, Hey Siri. Your AirPods will get activated.

You can do something like…Hey, Siri changes the song, Hey Siri pause the song. Even more.

More talk time on H1 chip

Apple claims that you will get more battery life in terms of talk time upto 50%. This is possible due to the efficiency of H1 Chip present in Apple’s new AirPods 2.

What is the PRICE of New AirPods 2

Coming to the pricing of any Apple device. There will be some disappointment is seen. Obviously, the price tag of any Apple device would be in a high range of space.

This time the price will be at $200.

airpods 2

Here you can see 3 different products. If you need new AirPods with Wireless case you can purchase the $199 one.

If you don’t need Wireless charging then you can go with $159. If your previous generation AirPods and you want the Wireless charging case then you can buy for $79.

It is really a worthy upgrade from previous gen AirPods?

The simple answer is No. Because in this new fresh update you won’t get anything significant upgrade. Even we expected different MAT finish black color.

So there’s only difference is that you will be able to Speed up your AirPods and additionally you will get wireless charging case. Which is costing extra $40 for wireless charging.

If you want to upgrade wait until September. At that time you may get to see the major upgrade.

You’re just getting a better life, Hey Siri functionality and more talk time. However, these advancements are fine. But they won’t be worth of upgrade.

These are the pretty much which you can get it from the latest updates. Will update this article if there is any other update.