Apple Bans 181 Vaping apps from its App store – Vaping is injurious


Apple clearly announced that it is permanently banning products and application which are related to vaping.

Apple has deleted all 181 vaping related applications from its App Store this Friday.

Vaping can cause serious health problem

However, it is less harmful compared to traditional smoking. Even though vaping will also cause you serious health problems.

Nicotine is the primary agent in both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and it is highly addictive.

It is well known that Nicotine is a toxic substance that makes your blood pressure rise and also spikes your adrenaline which can lead to Heart Attack.

Studies state that Electronic Cigarettes Are Just as Addictive as Traditional Ones.

Even Apple has the same reason for banning Apps on its App Store. Some of the apps are just informative and review related and some are related to vaping games.

Moreover, there are some apps that are compatible with the vaping device and can be adjusted for the temperature.

American Heart Institute

Reports from the American Heart Association told a variety of lung injuries and fatalities to e-cigarette and vaping products.

Apple also told, “We agree, and we’ve updated our App Store Review Guidelines to reflect that apps encouraging or facilitating the use of these products are not permitted.”

“We are grateful that Apple is joining with us and others on this historic day to stand against big Vape and their lies by removing all vaping apps in the App Store,” American Heart Association chief executive Nancy Brown said in a released statement.

Those Apps are removed from the App Store, but people who are using them can still continue to use them. The new step prevents new users from Joining.

Is this the right decision

Keeping public health in mind, it is absolutely the right decision from Apple and the health federation.

Many e-cigarettes manufacturers claimed that they are safe and not harmful but the companies failed to prove it scientifically.

The mode of intake of tobacco isn’t changed from decades but the type of usage has changed.

There’s a decline in Traditional cigarettes and also a rise in e-cigarettes has been observed.

In recent times, Many officials confronted a major problem: Many people are falling sick with the usage of vaping devices.

Many off-brand vaping liquids which include Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the main ingredient in marijuana which can cause serious lung problem if inhaled.

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