What is Apple card ? Why you must use Apple Credit Card.


Apple card is a newer step for innovation. But not to the technology.

Sule always tries to bring up thing in a unique way. Later it will always be applied to all the major Mobile companies.

Because Apple launches something new no matter what, it does have a lot of value to it.

Apple launches:

Let me start with the clear idea of explanation so that you can absorb a lot of information.

What is Apple Pay?

In short, is a place where you can add your Bank credit cards and Debit cards.

If you add those card to the Apple then you can pay directly from the Apple. Here we will be talking about Apple card so to avoid confusion I have first cleared the concept of Apple pay.

What is the Apple Credit card?

You may think that is something irrelevant from the company side. But I don’t think so as because of the Apple Pay which is in service.

So adding its own credit card to Apple Pay doesn’t seem that they are out of the path.

So Apple credit card won’t work under the perspective of the bank. But you can use it as it is issued from the bank.

The features of the Apple Credit card are very similar to your other bank’s credit card.

Apple Credit card is just used as a card for paying your bills and also you can buy Apple products.

Moreover, you can pay at restaurants or any shopping expenses. In short, it will work similarly to your bank credit card.

How to Apply for Apple’s Credit card?

There’s something need to be different from the bank’s credit card.

However, the Apple credit card will be available this summer. So you need to wait at least till then. But keep on reading to get more interesting features about Apple card.

  • You first need to have Wallet App. You can download it from the App Store.
  • Complete a simple process of Wallet App.
  • Later you will have the option to enable Apple Card.
  • After completion of eligibility, you will be able to Add Apple card to your wallet.
  • From Wallet App and using Apple Pay you can pay your expenses and others as well.

Can we get Physical Apple Credit as we get for other banks?

You have a solution for that as well. As mentioned above, Apple credit-card will be acting as you similar bank card. So you will be getting Apple’s physical Card as well.

So you can use that anywhere you want.

The material which is used to make Apple Credit-Card is Titanium and which is a premium of all the credit cards.

The catch is you cannot find the card number and CVV on the card but if you want you can see it in the wallet application.

Do Apple charge any fees for using or it will be any hidden charges?

At some point, we can understand that there won’t be any International fees or any yearly fees.

More attractive point is that you there won’t be any late fees as well. While compared to other bank credit card you will be charged for late fees.

What we can purchase using the Apple credit card?

  • All Apple Products and you can use it in App purchases as well.
  • You can shop for Groceries and all other stuff.
  • Also in Food courts.
  • You can use Apple physical card where you won’t get the option to use Apple Pay.

Apple Credit Card

Do Apple card is available for all over the world?

The first initial launch will be in the United States and in future it will be available all over the world and it will be available where Mastercard is available.

How Apple Credit is better than other card and you need to Apple for one.

#1 Unique with the Physical card

It is not like other Physical cards in the market it has some features in it. Like, say…The physical card is totally made of Titanium and there will be card number and CVV. It can act as extra protection as well.

#2 It won’t act as the bank

When you get a credit card from the market, it is obvious that you need to issue it from the respective bank.

But here you don’t need any bank documents or Address proofs to issue the physical card. All the formalities which need to be done for the bank are not required for Apple Credit card.

#3 You can activate Apple Credit card within no time

The main concern when you want to get a credit card is time… No matter what you will need around 3 working days to get your credit card activated.

But that won’t be with the Apple Credit Card, it just takes seconds to get activated and you can start using it.

#4 Absolutely No Fees

Yes, Apple claims it has no Annual Fees and also no international fees as well.

For other banks, you need to pay late fees if you didn’t pay the credit card bill at the right time. But you won’t be having any late fees with Apple Credit Card.

#5 Interest rates

Actually, it depends on your Credit Score. If you have a good score then the annual percentage rate (APR) will be around 13% to 22%. Which is lower than the national average APR of 17.6%.

#6 Cashback and offers.

Credit Card itself meant for offers and discounts. So need to capture the market Apple will bring all the aspects in mind to offer more discounts and cash back to attract more customers.

Apple names it as a “Daily cash” and it provides cash back on a daily basis. You don’t need to wait for a long time to get those cash.

To understand the calculation… If your credit limit is $3000 you can get a maximum of $90. But the problem is it will max out your limit to claim that total $90.

#7 Advanced Security

When you need to proceed with the transaction you need to use Face ID or Touch ID to complete the transaction.

So even if someone else gets on your iPhone, it can’t be used to buy anything.

Other’s cannot use your card even if it is stolen as on physical card you won’t see any number or CVV to make the transaction.

iPhone also tracks the location of your purchase, when the transaction is being made at some other location rather than your present location. You will get a message regarding transaction details. The transaction will be completed only when you accept that transaction.

You can also track the purchases with the perfect location as well. It enables you to know the perfect in-store transaction.