Does Apple AirPods worth to buy? Let’s figure out


These days Flagship smartphones moreover following Apple style and removing the headphone jack from their phones and even  Companies claiming that the removal of the headphone jack is to incorporate more features within the space of headphone jack but many users do not like this concept but eventually everyone is habituated to this style.

To use wired headphones on these smartphones we need to connect those headphones to charger cable or else we can buy wireless AirPods introduced by Apple at the iPhone 7 launch event.

People who are interested to buy Apple wireless AirPods they should read this information and later on they can decide whether to buy or not

What you will get in the box

Lightning cable



By the way, you won’t get any charger adapter with this you need to charge with iPhone adapter or else from laptop AirPods which comes with the box.

Battery life is pretty good and you can use it for four hours on full volume

How to pair AirPods with iPhones

You must keep both AirPods in the box and place the box near iPhone and just you need to open the box and you are connected.

After connecting you can see charge percentage even on the iPhone screen

How to pair AirPods with other android phones or any Bluetooth device

Here it is not possible to pair as same as iPhone however connectivity is based on Bluetooth itself so you need to enable Bluetooth on Android device and after enabling Bluetooth on the Android device you should hold the button given on AirPod box then you will be able to connect through any Bluetooth device.

Settings and other features you can set up

Sadly, there is no volume up and down button so you will need to do it manually on the iPhone using volume buttons.

 But, we have another fascinating setting available, you can assign a specific task for left AirPod and as well as right AirPod and the settings which are available for assigning are  Siri, play or pause, next track or previous track and off.

For example, if you assign Siri for right AirPod and next track for left AirPod then when you double tap on left AirPod then assign setting will be activated that is next track.

 If you’re listening to the music and someone started talking with you at the time you need to just remove one AirPod from ear and music stops automatically

It also contains built-in microphone which will be supported for calling purpose.

FAQ’S about Apple AirPods

1) How much does Apple AirPods cost?

It costs around Rs.12,000 and in the USA it’s $160.

2) Do the AirPods come with iPhone X?

No, you need to buy them separately.

3) Which chip does Apple is using in AirPod?

W1 Chip.

4) There are any sensors in AirPod?

Yes, there is the infrared sensor present in each AirPod that can detect when you put them in your ears. There is also an accelerometer inside AirPod which can detect when you tap your AirPods.

5) How do I charge the AirPods?

AirPods come with a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a charger. There is a lightning port at the bottom of the case and the case also has its own battery independent of the battery inside the AirPod, that means if the case is charged you can top up the battery in the AirPods while you are out.

6) Can I use the AirPods With non-Apple devices?

Yes, AirPods can connect to any standard Bluetooth audio player.

7) How’s the AirPod audio quality?

I was really surprised, the audio quality is little better than wired earphones.

8) Will AirPods feel comfortable?

If you are comfortable with a wirApple earphones then you will be comfortable with these even.

9) What about Bluetooth range?

Bluetooth range is really surprising you can use AirPods whole place placing your phone where ever in your house.

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