New AirPods , WireLess charging, Much more in Apple event 2019


Finally, the Apple event is on it’s the right way. Along with a lot more news will be wild spread regarding the unleash of software and Hardware releases.

What we can expect from Apple’s March 25th event.

Everyone will be so excited to have an eye on the event which is going to begin on March 25th. You’re going to see this event in Steve Jobs Theater.

If you want to see the stream live, you can navigate over here to watch it.

However, in this event, you won’t’ be seeing any iPhones, because the latest iPhone has been launched recently in the September event of Apple. The main question is what are the products going to be launched in this event.

I have written an article in which I have mentioned all the upcoming products of Apple in 2019. You can Read this here.

Disclaimer: All the information is not announced by Apple. These are just rumours which can be most probably true.

AirPods 2

However, we have seen that AirPods are so expensive and we have covered the topic in this article. Do Apple AirPods are worth to Buy or not?

Ok. We don’t have official news regarding this but yes the new AirPods are going to be unveiled in this event. Because it’s been a while there is no update regarding AirPods 2.

If you just have a look Apple has unveiled the New iPad Air and iPad Mini with Apple Pen support. Also Read: Why it is not worth to buy.

Apple AirPods 2 will be the successor of AirPods. The Wireless AirPodss 2 has successfully got the certification of Bluetooth SIG Certification.

What is mean Bluetooth SIG Certification?

As mentioned the upcoming AirPods got the SIG Certification. So it means the AirPods will be perfectly compatible with Bluetooth 5.0

It is almost sure that this product you will be going to see in 2019 Apple’s event.

What will be the price of AirPods 2?

However, Apple products gonna be too costly. It won’t comprise on quality as well. When you use it you will feel very premium. So obviously the price gonna be high in India compared to other countries.

It is expected that it can go up to Rs. 15,000. As because the upcoming AirPods are coming with more advanced features. We are not sure about the features. We will update the link here. So you can get to know all the features.

It is also said that the upcoming AirPods supports Wireless charging as well. You can also get another finish like saying Black Color in addition to the white which we are having at present.

What are the expected features of AirPods?

One of major confirmation and upgrade is that the AirPods are coming with the latest Bluetooth compatibility., Along with that, the model numbers of AirPods are also out which you can refer as left and right ear AirPods. A2031 and A2032.

Security features

Security features must be a step ahead because. Because in previous generation Apple AirPods would get connected to any device. This time some Biometric or some password need to be there. Only after authentication AirPods will start working.

However, in the previous one, you can also locate lost AirPods. To know how…I have mentioned in this Article. How to find Lost AirPods.

Addition of Hey Siri

In the previous version of AirPods, you need to set Siri. You can access either tapping left or right AirPod. In the upcoming new AirPods, you can just access them by saying. Hey Siri. Like we do in Latest iPhone models.

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What is the chip present in AirPods?

Apple AirPods comes with W1 chip which is responsible for working of Apple AirPods. Even it is helpful to find your lost AirPods as well.

Wireless Charging

It is said that… The upcoming AirPods gonna charge wirelessly that too within 15 minutes. It is also confirmed that the Apple charging Pad will allow you to charge AirPods as well. Even there may be more features but at present, we got to know these.

Water Resistant

The other feature which can be added is that the AirPods can be Water Resistant. It will be a cool feature Add-on because we can use it while we are in the shower as well.


First What is Apple AirPower?

Apple Airpower is used to charge all your latest Apple devices all at once. In a single place.

It is mainly used by Business Corporate using many devices at a time and needs to charge all of them at once. Moreover, you can charge the Latest Apple AirPods 2 with that AirPower Charging Mat.


Obviously, the official pricing is not yet known but even though it can be a little be higher cost. This one also could be seen in Apple’s 2019 event.

How to see Apple Event Live?

There are many ways to watch the Apple event Live. It also depends on your device as well.

Watch Event on Apple TV

Apple company has recently upgraded the Apple TV which especially shows you the event details. You can tune in directly to watch the whole event.

Even you can have looked over all the previous events as well.

iPhone, iPads and other Apple Devices.

You can click on over here to watch the Live stream.

Apple News Paid Subscription

Obviously, Apple news will be free for you. You can access it directly. But only some part of Apple news will come under Paid Subscription.

The paid subscription will be from ” The New York Times ” and ” Washington Times”.

You need to pay $9.99 to access the Paywall. Even it is rumoured that Apple will have a digital Magazine subscription. This will also be priced at $9.99.

New Animojis for latest Apple Lineups

If you’re Apple device Animoji’s you can also avail this feature as well.

The added Animals in the Animoji line up’s are…


Wild Pig



These are pretty much! There would be a lot but anyhow we will post another update when the final event gets over.