Apple fined 9 million dollars for misleading customers


The company valued AT 1.25 Trillion$, misleading their trusted valuable customers. Do you really believe this had happened? Yes, we need to believe.

Decisions sometimes will be made only focusing to save money forgetting the side effect caused by it which can cost much.

Similarly, the same had happened to Apple and it costed them to pay 9 million $.

Exactly what had happened?

Electronics may get damaged any time, for most of the Apple products gives warranty for 1 year.

If you purchase Apple care you may get for extra 1 year.

 The story starts in Australia.

Whenever any electronic product gets damaged we do take it Apple store or else some third-party stores. It’s our wish to choose which will be better for us.

The people in Australia taking their faulty iPads and iPhones to third-party service centres and if there aren’t get repaired they are again visiting Apple store, which is fair enough.

The fault which they are getting on their devices is “error 53 “.

This error disabled some iPhones and iPads after customers downloaded an update to Apple’s iOS operating system.

Why (ACCC) took action against Apple

The Federal Court of Australia has ordered Apple Inc (US) to pay $9 million in penalties to the Australian Government for making false or misleading representations to the Australian public relating to the “Error 53” software fault that left some iPhones and iPads disabled.

What was the misleading Apple had done to the Australian public

Everyones knows very well that service charges of Apple are quite high. So many people decided to show their iPhones and iPads to the third-party service centres related to the error 53.

After knowing this Apple had made an announcement that people who had first tried to repair their faulty iPhones, iPods and iPads with third party service centres.

Those customers won’t be able to claim the repair or replace by Apple and this decision was made by Apple after noticing that their customers tried to get repaired by third-party service centres. Ridiculous!

This issue was finally addressed by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC) and levied the penalty.

Apple’s representations led customers to believe that, they can be denied a remedy for their faulty device because they used a third party.

The court declared that the users of iPhones or iPads had been repaired by third-party must also be considered by Apple for any necessary repair or replacements.

Allegations regarding giving refurbished products in replacements

Even some of the allegations on Apple are…

It is providing refurbished products to their customers as the replacements of faulty iPhones or iPads.

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The ACCC said Apple will commit to providing new devices as replacements if the consumer requests one.

New iPhone or iPads will be provided to the customers if any products suffer a major failure.

As part of the undertaking, Apple has promised to make improvements to staff training and its procedures so that they comply with consumer laws in the future.


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