5 things Apple doing wrong over couple of years


No brand can be perfect upto it’s mark. Especially in the case of Apple, though the practicality may not be upto its mark. But the brand value in people’s mind had set the highest consideration for purchasing their products.

Due to this, the company gets full control over the customers, and by this, the company is doing things wrong over a couple of years.

List of things Apple doing wrong. 

1) Pricing

Let’s have a look over the pricing of iPhone 7/Plus , iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X.

iPhone 7 Pricing

The price of iPhone 7 ( 32GB ) in the USA is  $ 549, and in India, the price is $700.

Price of iPhone 7 ( 128 GB ) in USA is $ 649 and in India, the price is $ 832.

iPhone 7 Plus Pricing

Coming to the price of iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB in the USA is $ 669, and in India, the price is $ 831. The price of iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB in the USA is $ 779, and in India, the price goes up to $ 955.

iPhone 8 Pricing

The price of iPhone 8 ( 64 GB ) is $699, while in India the price is $875. For 256 GB variant the cost in the USA is $ 849, and in India, the price is $1050.

iPhone 8 Plus pricing

The price of iPhone 8 Plus ( 64 GB ) is $ 799 whereas in India it costs around $1000. For 256 GB the price in the USA is $ 949, and in India, the cost is $ 1172.

iPhone X Pricing

The price of iPhone X ( 64 GB ) is $ 999, and in India, it costs around $ 1300, and for 256 GB variant the price in the USA is $ 1149, and in India, it goes upto $ 1431.

iPhone XS Pricing

The price of iPhone XS ( 64 GB ) is $ 999, and in India, it costs around $ 1350, and for 256 GB variant the price in the USA is $ 1149, and in India, it goes upto $ 1567. Whereas 512 GB variant which costs $ 1349 in the USA and India it comes for the price tag of $ 1840.

iPhone XS Max Pricing

  • USA 64 GB Price :  $ 1099     
  • India 64 GB price: $ 1500
  • USA 256 GB Price: $ 1249
  • India 256 GB price:$ 1703
  • USA 512 GB price:  $ 1449
  • India 512 GB price: $ 1976 
iPhone starting cost prices.

Note: All those prices which are given are at the time of launch, not after reducing prices after a year. 

Clearly, you can see how starting prices of iPhone’s have gone up drastically. Especially in India, iPhone’s prices are always up.

One factor if we consider about taxes, the prices cannot be this much high. Every time during the Apple event, many people feel very excited about the launch. But these years, due to the high cost there is no much interest left.

iPhone X sales are also not upto the mark, but they made the right amount of sales. Due to high pricing, sales in India are decidedly less compare to other countries.

I feel Apple should reduce their prices especially in India and the difference between prices should only be 10% compared to the USA.

Apple company claim that most of the profits are in use for Research and Development. So, what about OnePlus and many other flagship mobiles offering prices at affordable rates. Moreover, they provide better and more storage option compare to Apple. 

Don’t think I am against Apple, I use Apple products but, to be frank, the pricing of latest iPhone’s in India are out of limits, and many people are thinking thrice before buying an iPhone. 

At present people’s mindset is like, what alternative useful tech products can we get in the market at the price range of iPhone. 

2) Removal of 3.5 mm Jack

Do you guys know what is the real reason behind removing headphone jack? At least does it make sense? 

Keeping headphone jack doesn’t create any problem because if Apple is interested in promoting wireless AirPods.

They need not remove headphone jack for this simple thing. They might think in a futuristic way. If we think in that way, even it doesn’t make much sense because removal of headphone jack doesn’t make it futuristic.

The reason for removing headphone jack given by Apple is Bogus. They said due to insufficient space we need to remove it.

But from the YouTube video of Strange Parts, he made 3.5 mm Jack hole right next to the stereo speakers. From this, we can easily say that there is enough space to keep 3.5 mm jack.

Moreover, many Chinese brands just blindly follow Apple whether it adds value or not. Even you can see the notch by Apple created a Hipe and now every phone manufacturer bringing the phone with the notch. 

If we look over present iPhone’s like XS, XR they are not even providing dongle in the box which connects 3.5 mm jack to lightning port. 

So if we want to connect our older headphone to the latest iPhone is not possible because we need to buy the dongle to connect which is quite expensive.

apple innovation

3) lack of Fast charging support.

We can see iPhone prices are reaching hill year by year, but some basic features aren’t provided till now. Though fast charging can be the small aspect from the user’s point of view, it is quite big.

All these minute things had bought a lot of negativity on Apple but no matter what due to brand value everyone gonna purchase if they don’t lookout practicality. 

Mobile range starting from Rs. 25,000 offering fast-charging but iPhone pricing at Rs.1,00,000 doesn’t offer fast charging in the box. 

4) No fingerprint sensor

No matter what, touch ID is convenient compared to any other unlock options. But with iPhone X line up we won’t see touch ID in future. Maybe in further years, On-screen Touch ID can be seen.

However, instead of Touch ID we have Face-Unlock technology and company claims that it is impossible to unlock even for twins. 

But in the past, with single phone both twins got to unlock the iPhone and even with high reality 3D graphics face mask got to unlock the iPhone. So to avoid these Apple, however, need to put Touch ID in coming years. 

5) Apple Innovations

Back in 2007, Apple launched its first iPhone which made a big success all over the world. The main reason behind this is the invocation which they have invested. 

I can say 2007 Apple event is all favourite among all Apple events till now. Moreover, we learnt a lot of new technology from that particular event.

Since years we could not see much innovation from the Apple side, but last year we got to see something new. That is Face ID technology which impressed many people. 

But this year, there’s nothing much. Just a new colour, IP 68 water resistant, Dual-SIM ( I think they got to know about this feature recently, Well done. Apple) 

Half of the profits are invested in Reasearch and Development, but there is desire output from Apple. Especially this year launch event is boring and we got nothing to new information at least one this year. 

I hope from Next year Apple bring out at least one new innovative feature. 

That’s all for now! Bye !


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