Apple SIRI will now support third-party Apps to do your job


When comes to third-party applications, Apple restricts the maximum required permissions to prevent unnecessary security issues.

Thus you cannot download any open-source software to run on the Apple iPhone devices.

Sometimes it gets to the extreme, even some default voice commands automatically gets only to the Apple default applications.

In the recent news, Apple said, ” It will allow restriction on the third-party applications under SIRI voice commands.

SIRI at default model

When you say SIRI ” Send a message to john “. It uses the only iMessage application for sending the messages.

To send a message using WhatsApp or other Applications, you must include the third Application in your voice commands to send messages using third-party applications.

This won’t be the case anymore, according to the Bloomberg, Apple will release an update later this year which will make SIRI be intact with the Third-party applications like WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Latest update of SIRI

With the latest update, you can set the default message application for each contact. So the voice commands act according to the assigned network of messaging.

This step is taken after the scrutiny over allowing only Apple-based default applications to have access to the SIRI.

Many were against this and the third-party applications get less exposure in Voice compared to the default Apple messages.

In a statement given to Bloomberg, Apple Spokesperson states ” “Apple offers our users an experience that is only possible from the integration of hardware, software, and services.

From the very first iPhone, we have included apps to provide customers with a great experience right out of the box for making phone calls, playing music, surfing the web, and more.

With every generation of iPhone, we have advanced the built-in capabilities for our customers with a few default apps designed for great performance, long battery life, seamless integration, and industry-leading protections for security and privacy.

We have also created the App Store, the safest place to get apps, so customers can choose from millions of apps to find the ones that further enhance their iPhone.

In the few categories where Apple also has an app, we have many successful competitors and we’re proud that their success is responsible for almost 2 million U.S. jobs in a thriving multibillion-dollar market for developers.

Our North Star is always to create the best products for our customers and that is why iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.”

Giving importance only to the Apple specified application is clearly a sign of increasing their exposure in the Market.

But, Total Applications are only 0.00002% of roughly 2 million apps in the App store. Almost every application of Apple gets pre-installed on the iPhone.