Are the smartphones helpful in day to day life ?


Today’s topic is the smartphones boon or curses we can’t judge the thing with only positive side because every good side has its own dark side too. we are talking about the smartphones which has changed the world very drastically and as our ancestors say that we cannot live without three things Air, Water, internet, Land. The young generation has changed the way of thinking now we cannot live without smartphone internet.


Where the journey of smartphones begin?

As we all know that the journey just begins with the walkie-talkie and then mobile phones were introduced in existence. we used the mobile phones for communication purpose and sending messages and the greatest evolution came into existence which changes everything. the conversion from mobile phone to smartphones began.


Why are they called smartphones?

As said above that smartphones has changed everything. Using smartphones we can listen to music, watch videos, set alarm, play games, video calling, surf on the internet, now everything is possible using smartphones we can handle our bank accounts, pay bills, connected to the world socially. It simply works like a mini computer which can be used anywhere and anytime. It helps you to find an accurate location with the help of maps.


Advantages of smartphones (boon)

As you all know due to smartphones many life’s has changed in a positive way. Nowadays with the help of smartphones, we can do many things like search any places, video call to anyone can get socially with help of Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more social sites. we can order online food, vegetables, clothes, medicine, lenses, and much more thing.

We can receive our important mail anywhere anytime, nowadays we can transfer money from one account to another with help of just one smartphone. the most important use was it used in a Rural area due do that they also get an opportunity to achieve success in their life and smartphone has now become a part of our daily life. The student use for learning the purpose, businessman uses for business purpose. The smartphones are for everyone and everyone can use it without any age limit. The old person can use to talk to their grandson. The best part it is small in size compare to a laptop.


Disadvantages of smartphones (curse) 

If a smartphones have more advantages then they might have the dark side too. It means the disadvantages of smartphones. It may affect the students very adversely, you may be socially connected but not connected in real life.

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There is not much to say about the disadvantages as we all know we all the now socially connected to each other and we forget to enjoy the moment we just capture the things in our smartphone, which is making us lazy and we all are think that we getting comfort zones.


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