Some FAQ’S about Asus Zenfone 5z which helps you to decide.

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Here, you will be getting some frequently asked questions about Asus Zenfone 5z. Which can be helpful for you to judge the phone quality very-well. Even I recommend you to read my detail information about Zenfone 5z here. 

  1. Does it come with water-resistant?

A) No, it doesn’t come with water-proof.

2) What is the screen-contrast ratio?

A) 1500:1 which is very good.

3) What about software updates cycle?

A) According to the company officials, it can get Android P update and security updates till two years.

4) Does Asus Zenfone 5 can be expected in India?

A) No

5) Is camera to API enabled?

A) Presently it is not available as of now, in later updates we can wish.

6) Does it support FM radio?

A) Yes

7) Does it have physical LED notification light?

A) Yes, it is multi-colored LED notification light.

8) Can we disable AI slow charging at night in case we require the fast charge at that time?

A) Yes, you can disable it.

9) Does it support true dual 4G/VoLTE and fast-charging?

A) Yes, it does support dual-4G and also have fast charging.

10) Which processor does it have?

A) It has a Snapdragon 845 which is one of the powerful processors.

11) How much RAM does it offer?

A) 6GB and the RAM management is very well optimized and performs very well.

12) Does it have the telephoto lens or Wide angle lens?

A) It has a Wide angle lens which is a lot more useful than Telephoto lens. But with the wide-angle lens, you will observe Noise when you Zoom as it comes with the 8-MP camera.

With Wide-angle Lens

Wide angle


Without Wide-angle

Without wide angle lens

13) What about the speaker quality?

A) It comes with stereo speakers and does have the 3.5mm jack and the quality of the audio is pretty good.

14) How is the battery backup compared to other flagship smartphones especially OnePlus 6?

A) For normal and regular use it lasts for full-working-day. Asus is slightly better than OnePlus 6 regarding battery life.

15) How is the audio quality with and without earphones?

A) Undoubtedly Asus is better than OnePlus 6 with and without earphones.

16) How about the camera in low light performance?

A) Surprisingly, Asus is beating OnePlus 6 regarding low-lightening conditions because pixels are bigger in Asus than OnePlus 6.

Camera Performance


17) What offer does it have? ICICI cashback or instant discount offer?

A) It’s not a cashback but an instant discount offer.

18) How’s the gaming performance?

A) With Snapdragon 845 and Adreno 630 off course, gaming performance would be outstanding.

19) Which is value for money? Nokia 7 plus or Zenfone 5z?

A) Zenfone 5z because Nokia 7 plus has Snapdragon 630 chipset and even in camera department Zenfone 5z performs better.

20) How is the camera performance in outdoor lightening?

A) Here due to some software drawback, Asus did not perform well in outdoor conditions.



21) Is the DCI-P3 display calibration better than that in OnePlus 6?

A) The display of Zenfone 5z is magnificent and also slightly better than OnePlus 6.

22) Does it have an inbuilt call recording feature?

A) Yes

23) Does it support dual-apps?

A) Yes, and you can also keep security for every app.

24) How is the quality of the Front-facing camera?

A) You can check the samples.Front facing camera



25) Does it support 4K recording?

A) Yes and has better stabilization in video recording.

26) What is asus zenfone 5z price?

A) Basically, it comes in 3 different variants.

6GB and 64GBRs. 29,999
6GB and 128GBRs. 32,999
8GB and 256 GBRs 36,999


Pics Credits: Ranjit Sir

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