Bangalore city will get free WiFi of 1 GB for an hour every day – 4000 spots


Bangalore is renowned for IT services and said to be Silicon Valley, in a short period of time the city is getting free WiFi for an hour every day with 1 GB of data.

However, the exact time period of implementation is not mentioned but the whole can take 9 months approximately.

Citizens can avail Free WiFi

The total cost of this project is estimated of Rs. 100 crore by the Karnataka state government. They also stated that the entire amount will be spent by partnering telecommunication providers.

The whole plan and news were announced by Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka CN Ashwath Narayan that every Bangalore citizens will get free WiFi of 1 GB for an hour every day.

The main source of the Internet will be the Public hotspots from which users can access free WiFi. There are more than 4000 hotspots are placed across the distance of 800 kilometers as per the current plan. Along with that, it offers high-speed internet.

“High-speed fibre net internet service will be provided free of cost for an hour per day across Bengaluru in places including public institutions, hospitals, bus stops, places of commercial activity and other locations taking population density into account,” said Deputy Chief Minister C N Ashwathnarayan.

Project Responsibility

The total project is estimated to be at Rs. 100 crore and this will be invested in the private Internet Service provider company Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd (ACT).

This step is completely in accordance with social responsibility and there is no commercial aspect involved in this.

ACT Fibernet CEO Bala Malladi said, “Free Wi-Fi of 1 GBps speed will be provided across locations identified in the city. Non-customers of ACT will be asked to log in with a one-time password to use the service while existing ACT customers will get connected to these hotspots automatically.”

This project completely suits the people of Bangalore, and it takes a lot of effort to keep a secured WiFi as major hackers can take over the phone details with the WiFi hotspot.

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