Best Eagleget application for downloading content from internet


Nowadays we all need is an internet and the to download the content even we are having the best browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, Safari. Which are the best of all browsers and widely used in day to day life. One of the greatest disadvantages is the downloading speed is decreased in it.

It also decreases the speed of download while we are surfing the internet. To overcome all those disadvantages. We have an application which will solve all our problems of downloading content in just simple steps

The name of the application is EagleGet which is a cost-free application.


The eagle get is compatible with any browser. The eagle gets an application by just clicking the link below.


After downloading the eagle get application an extension will appear in your browser. With the help of that, we can download the application, document, .exe files and many more things at higher speed. You can pause your application and again download the file as shown below.


Some important feature are listed below

Increase Download Speed Greatly

The reason behind the increased speed is it use advanced multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads speed by splitting (dividing) files into several parts.

Schedule and Manage Downloading Jobs Smartly

EagleGet gives you full control of the downloads the contain.

  • You can schedule multiple download queues
  • Sort downloads by various criteria,
  • Implement speed limiting,
  • Even remove unnecessarily downloaded files physically.

Automatic Refresh Expired Download Address

EagleGet can auto update feature which will download without interrupting the download URLs and without re-starting from the beginning, saving your time and efforts.

Support All Popular Browsers

EagleGet supports all popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE. No matter which browser you are using on your PC or Laptop, you can always enjoy the maximum download speed without boundaries.

 Flexible Notification Configurations & Silent Mode

There are several ways to be notified about your download which is only provided by EagleGet. The best mode is Silent Mode can temporarily turn off all notifications to let you enjoy staying with a full-screen application or game.

Automatic Malware Checker & File Integrity Verifier

Worried about virus then remain calm  EagleGet cares about your security too. The automatic malware checker runs Anti-Virus product to perform the scan on download completion. The MD5/SHA1 checksum verifier ensures the downloaded file is genuine from the original.

Customizable User Interface

If you are a computer lover EagleGet enables you to customise the look and feel of its interface. You can change the colour to your favourite colour and background image for EagleGet. The powerful freeware download manager even more visually appealing.


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