Best Budget Xiaomi Mi band 3 which you can buy


Xiaomi MI Band 3.

It is the best and effective Health and Fitness tracker which is also a successor of MI Band 2.

Which is available in various colour variants and is the best successful band in MI Band products.

Mi  Band

NFC Xiaomi MI Band 3 variant will launch in September which makes the pairing easier.

Non- NFC model is available in China and can’t expect when it will launch in India.

MI Band 3 is the main improvement in Hardware and Capabilities.

And having the Battery life of 20 days with single charging when compared with MI Band 2 in Xiaomi products.

MI Band 3 Price:

The variety of fitness tracker price affordable on MI Band 3 priced at Rs.1700 – 1780/- approximately for Indians at RMB 169, Chinese 179 Yuan, Australia $36.

It may be changed when coming into the market with costs of 199 yuan Chinese, $ 33 / AU $40 for NFC on board.

Features of Xiaomi MI Band 3:

Equipped with OLED display Technology with 0.78 inches, screen resolution of 80 X 128 pixels considering the size of Display of MI Band 3.

Which can Browse or Display Facebook, Whether Info, WhatsApp,  caller ID / reject feature and more which weights 20 g on wrists including with Strap.

Fitness Tracking Features:

MI Band 3 is looked up with more fitness features packed with it and can track…

The distance of walking or running, quality of Sleeping.

Heart rate sensor which senses heart rate per minute.

Step counter, calorie counter IP 67 splash resistance rating and No.of hours slept.

It has additional features of the Alarm clock, Stopwatch, Reminders, Timer, Incoming call, Text Message and other notifications.


MI band 3 available in various colours like Black, Blue, Red, Orange.

You can buy on our choice. But the colours may vary in different markets when it comes into the market.

Band 3 is designed with plastic body material with curved shape surface having dimensions of 17.9 X 46.9 X 12 mm and interface with the home button which is having Digital clock on Screen.


The strap which is having for MI Band 3 is available in various designs and can be interchangeable.

Moreover, it is made up of the thermoplastic elastomer which comfortable and friendly to our skin.

The MI Band 3 fitness tracker is having waterproof up to 50m which is one of the best waterproofs when compared with other fitness trackers.


It has Bluetooth connectivity of 402 technology and ability to work on both Android v4.4 and iOS 9.0 or above devices.


Band 3 has a battery backup of 20 days with single charging and has a battery capacity of 110mAh, Li-Po with USB Charging support.

Why to Choose MI Band 3 fitness tracker:

It can track your daily physical activities.

Band 3 can integrate to your smartphone for Android v4.4 and iOS 9.0 or above versions.

It just8.5g (20g with the band) ultra-light body.

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