Best Mic for YouTube Videos and also for Multipurpose


This post is all about the recording using the best Mic which helps to record flawless clips.

Moreover, this Mic is very budget friendly which I like the most. Nowadays it’s been a must gadget for every user if anyone wants a quality audio output.

Many people, especially beginner YouTubers get confused while selection specific mic. Lack of knowledge they will end up buying some other mic which lacks in audio quality as well as removal of background noise.

Which Mic do I use for recording videos?

I use BOYA Omnidirectional direction mic which I feel the best mic ever you can purchase at this price range.

Special features of this Mic?

1) Lengthy wire

The most useful thing which we need to get is the lengthy wire, we usually get irritated by small length charger wires., But we never get lengthy wires for chargers. : (

But here, in this case, you’re lucky you will get a good length wire of 20 meters which helps when you shoot your videos with camera keeping at the far distance.

The quality of the wire is pretty decent and can be used as rough and tough.

2) Multi USE

The mic is designed for Multi-purpose. It is not limited to DSLR, you can use for your smartphone as well.

If you don’t have 3.5 MM jack connector for one of your device, for this you will get connector as well.

3) Small Microphone Size

So if you have a look over the actual size of the Microphone it is pretty small and can be hidden easily.

Best Mic for YouTube Videos

It comes with the soft sponge knob by which background noise can be removed easily.

4) Easy On/OFF and battery removal.

Due to the small size battery. Costing of replacement is very low and can be removed at any time and the type of battery used in this Mic is LR44.

5) Crisp and Clear Voice.

When it comes to audio this Mic doesn’t compromise at any cost. Moreover, it’s omnidirectional which means it captures sound from all direction.

So when your mic position changes a bit even though you don’t notice voice difference in your audio.

6) Cost Effective

Damn, Just $ 20 or Rs. 1200 and you have the best mic for starter and even for professionals.

I just love the pricing and the output which we get from this Mic. Yeah, you have many advanced mics but comes with the high price tag.

So if you’re a YouTuber or you want to record your notes and to record audio in a similar category then don’ think of another mic. Just Go here and Buy Now. But don’t use this for recording Music Videos. Obviously, you know. Anyways I told. hehe.

7) Connecting to Amplifier

So if you have an amplifier which doesn’t have a 3.5 MM connector for this you can use the adaptor given in the box.

So now I have given important advantages of these Mic. Let’s now…

Look Over some working and usage of this Mic.

1) What you will get in the BOX while purchasing?

  • Lapel Microphone
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Clothing Clip
  • Battery LR 44
  • 1/4” Plug adaptor
  • User Guide.

2) Tips for better Voice output.

Attach the microphone upside down to reduce excessive breath noises and tonal inconsistencies due to head moments.

I recommend that you use the foam windscreen ( Sponge type ) at all times to avoid wind noises, even when recording inside.

3) Which is the best place to mount your microphone on your clothing?

You need to attach the microphone to the front of your clothing with the clothing clip, about six inches ( 15-20 cm) from your face.

Tape a loose loop of the microphone cord to the inside of your clothing. This provides additional strain relief for the microphone cord and isolation from unwanted noise.

Before recording an important event, record and playback a short test clip with the microphone attached to ensure audio recording is functioning properly.

4) How to use this microphone with the camera

1) Plug the 3.5 mm connector into the audio input jack of your DSLR, point and shoot camera or camcorder.

2) Attach the microphone to your clothing.

3) Move the switch on the power pack to the camera (on) setting and begin filming.

Note: Not all cameras have a microphone input. Verify this with your camera manufacturer.

5) How to use this microphone with your smartphone.

Note: Make sure that the smartphone power pack is set to the OFF/SMARTPHONE setting before plugin it into your smartphone.

1) Plug the 3.5mm connector into the audio jack of your smartphone.

2) Attach the microphone to your clothing.

3) Open the Audio-only or video recording app and begin recording.

TransducerElectret Condenser
Polar PatternOmni-directional
Frequency Range65 Hz
Signal/Noise74dB SPL
Sensitivity -30 dB +/- 3 dB
Output Impendance1000 Ohm Or Less
Battery TypeLR44 included( Compatible With LR 44 , 357 and SR44 )
Connector3.5 mm
Dimensions18.00 mmH x 8.30 mmW x 8.30 mmD. Cable: 6.0m
WeightMicrophone: 2.5g
Power Module: 18g
So that’s it and I am for sure this is Mic will be best for YouTube Videos.

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