Best useful Plugins you need to install to your WordPress


After  Completion of your WordPress installation then  the process goes for plugin installation.

Briefly I Will say that actually a plugin…In a non definition way -its a piece of zip file which  will install to your WordPress site which helps in functioning  of various tasks.In this nearly I prepared some of the useful plugin which will nearly helpful to develop your Blog.

1)SEO By YOAST  (Free)

⇒One of the most and should plugin you need use it.                                                                                                                                    ⇒It helps to optimise on site SEO, even on pages and social SEO of blog Read this guide to setup and configuration of that plugin.

wordpress SEO



The plugin which comes soon after the installation of the WordPress as it comes officially from the WordPress  creator. As it is mandatory to install this plugin  to your WordPress as it stops allowing the  span comments, as without Akismet plugin your comment section will filled up with spam of advertisement comments. After installing you need to check spam folder regularly For activation you need the API key which you can get here.



3) Manage WP Review

Manage WP Review is one of the premium WordPress plugin which helps for giving star rating posts. It’s always put you out for search engine which makes user to be more likely to click as it’s premium its cost you $69 and is of one time instalment.

Manage WP


4) BWP Google XML Sitemap

As sitemap os one of the essential  feature for your blog to be recognized by google. Then this would be useful for you to fetch Sitemap for your Blog you can  generate by alternate plugin which are below as I personally use this plugin as it is recommended by many professional blog users.

BWP Google XML



5) CloudFlare Plugin

As  I recommend this  for each and every bloggers as it is one of the important aspect for every WordPress who else are using cloudFlare  CDN.CLOUDFARE


6. Monarch, social sharing with style

Social sharing is one of the main  essential feature  which I recommend to install to your WordPress blog. As it boosts your page view as wherever a visitor  visits your site they may like to to share to their friends then it will be useful to share your blog  post on any social network. The main fascinating  feature of this plugin it will give beautiful looking sharing buttons.



7. Enhaned WordPress Contact from

As contact form is essential  for your blog which helps your visiter to contact us by providing their contact information one of the best feature about this it also shows the referral URL of the person who is using my contact from to send message.

Contact Form

8) Jetpack WordPress plugin.

Jetpack is  very fascinating plugin it comes with various multipurpose feature. This is a must have plugin for your WordPress site and you need to have free WordPress account to use this plugin.

Jetpack Plugin

9)Link Patrol

This is a SEO plugin that controls your blog external link you can unfollow, remove any existing external link from your blog. As its a premium plugin and much powerful for the SEO of the blog.

Link Patrol


10)Subscribe to comments

Subscribe to comments

Its really help for those who are really fascinating to read your blog post comments  for them this is a  perfect feature. Subscribe to comments  plugin add a check box after comments. Where commentor get an option to subscribe to get notified  before comments and even gives option for users to subscribe to comments on a particular post.



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