BharatMobi Startup can convert any Car into Electric – All you need to know


Caregivers startup help in the form of transportation can show a huge impact on it.

The complete next-generation cars will be powered with electricity instead of Petrol and Diesel.

It is not about the saving of fossil fuels it is completely about the reduction of pollution. Being the 2nd most populated country in the world, pollution is the major concern for every city and actions need to be taken very strictly.

The solution to Make existing vehicles electric

A startup named, BharatMobi who has discovered the technique of converting petrol/deiseal vehicles into Electric vehicles with the help of a special kit.

Even from the side of Government, there is constant support on the use of Electric vehicles by imposing special schemes to encourage the buyers to opt for electric cars and bikes.

Even the company claims, to eradicate the pollution in major polluted cities, opting for electric kits which are a completely pollution-free solution.

Even the company claims, they are in constant touch with the Delhi Government for extra support.

Electric vehicles are better

In terms of pollution comparison, Electric vehicles are way better than conventional cars as electric cars emit much fewer greenhouse gases.

This can help to reduce harmful gases in the air and intact contributing to our Environment. Along with that, there will be no much noise pollution as Electric cars are much quieter than those of Petrol and diesel cars.

BharatMobi Develops Retrofitting

The startup company had launched a technology of EV Retrofitting which is basically a Hyderabad based startup which is dedicatedly carried out the addition of the Electric Kit in the exiting petrol and diesel cars without buying a specialized electric car.

The startup had demonstrated and displayed their converted Electric sedan at the launch event.

During the launch, Akbar Baid, the automobile engineer and co-founder of the company said, our offering can contribute to the solution for the Delhi Air-pollution.

After installation of the kit, consumers can drive their car without a single drop of fuel.

With the Retrofitting Kit, your car becomes noiseless, pollution-free and as well as Gearless.

The conversion Kits Approved By ARAI and ICAT

The EV conversion has been developed by the company and it has the ability to electrify multiple vehicles.

The founder’s aim is to develop a system which can convert any vehicle into electric without

The Pricing

The complete cost of the kit along with fitting will cost you Rs.5 Lakh.

On average, more than 85% of cars in India falls in the price bracket of Rs. 7.5 Lakh to 15 Lakh. Based on the price scenario, the kit is literally overpriced and many people won’t even think of changing it to electric.

Though the startup has done tremendous work on developing a breakthrough solution of converting conventional vehicles into electric.

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