BHIM 2.0 has more promising features – Transactional Limit and more


After digitalization, there is a drastic sky rocking change in the mode of payment of the consumers.

Even in the recent survey(link),  over 80% of the people will use online payment for their expenses.

There are many online payments for the processing of online payments.

But, the BHIM application still seems to be the top usable payment method for transferring online funds to another account because of its quick and easy procedure.

Keeping the importance of the Application, the Government had added some extra features to the BHIM.

BHIM 2.0

IT minister had unveiled the state of new improvements and functionalities which includes the new version of BHIM which is BHIM 2.0.

Features of BHIM before the update

It is developed by the not-for-profit National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and mainly used for the cashless transaction and money transfer among different banks.

  • Transfer money to your relatives with no extra cost.
  • You can also scan and purchase using QR code.
  • Pay by UPI option is also available for UPI based payments.
  • Check your bank account balance directly from the Application.

New Features of BHIM

Donation Feature

You may have seen the donation tab in PayTm in the events of any disaster. As the same, you will get to see the donation tab in BHIM where you can directly make a donation in the hard events or to the NGOs.

Transaction Limit BHIM

No matter what, they limit the transaction limit to only 40K. People use it transferring funds from one account to another so having a higher limit is essential.

Linking More than 1 account

Some might find the previous version BHIM a little difficult for users who want to link over 1 account. But with the latest update, users can link multiple bank accounts with the same mobile number.


To avail of some merchant offers or the discount, you will get the dedicated tab to avail of the discounts and offers straight from the BHIM application interface.

Additional Languages

The addon languages to the new updates are Konkani, Bhojpuri, and Haryanvi along with the previous 13 existing languages.

The MeitY Startup

It is basically an association for the overarching collaborative platform as national coordination, facilitation and interconnected centre for all the activities in the Startup ecosystem.

This system helps startups reach mentors and facilitate to scale the startup business from its Marketplace.

MSH portal brings onboard key constituents of the tech startup ecosystem with startups, technology incubation centres, Centres of Excellence (CoEs), mentors, VCs and angels together.

It is also mandated to integrate existing programmes and innovation-related activities of the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY),” the release said.

New Software Product

Minister also came up with the Indian software products registry which will behave as a single platform to gather Indian software product database.

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