What are DApps? Why are they impossible to hack?( Beginners Guide)


Before kicking off… In simple language, I will tell you some understandable qualities of DApps.

  • Unhackable
  • Uneditable
  • Uncontrollable
  • Anyone can see it ( Open Source )
  • No downtime at all

So, What is the full-form of DApps?

We call Decentralized Application.” Sounds familiar? Or haven’t heard anything like this before?. No worries… I will make you understand this concept hasslefree.

Before directly entering into the topic, I would like to cover some essential topics related to the network. So, you need to have a little more idea about…

  • In our olden days, how we used to pull up the web pages?
  • At present, how we can access the web pages? 
  • From where do the web pages loading up?

Long ago

I will make it simple and clear, in older days. If anyone wants to open a website or blog, there are no third-party servers to host our website.

So, at those times, people used to buy their server and keep in their homes. Thus, they need to add files related to the website in their owned server.

By this, their website can be accessible all over the world. In addition to that, there is no privacy concern at those times because the server on which the site is hosted is with them only.

At Present

Ultimately, entrepreneurs came up with the new idea. They thought of offering Web hosting services. So, people need not buy their server instead they can host their website on third-party services like GoDaddy, etc. In short, our website files and everything will be on third-party servers. Yes! We need to trust them; we don’t have any other option.

How are we able to access Web Pages or Apps?

Before that, we need to have an idea about the types from which we can access Apps or Web Pages.

Those types are…

  • Centralized
  • Decentralized 
  • Distributed


What is the Centralized Network?


In short, you can easily guess from the picture that, the data is distributed from a single point called server.

In conclusion, whatever you access on the internet like it may be Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc., and right now you’re reading my post which also comes from the central server.

So, the word centralized has come because the server will be the center point for all users to access the data.

Quick Recall
  • In the centralized network, data is stored in one place called the server.
  • If the user tries to access any data from the internet, it comes directly from the server. 

Next one which is very much related to a centralized network but with some extra features…

What is Distributed Network?


From the above figure, you can easily understand that the data is distributing through two or more servers.

I will explain this with an example…

Let’s take Facebook, to access Facebook the data related to Facebook need to be stored in the server.

We all know that the Facebook data center ( Server) is located in the USA. What if I am accessing Facebook from Australia? However, the site loads up but does it load faster? The answer is No because the server is located far away from Australia, so it takes time to pull up the site.

So, what can be the solution? Here comes the Distribution Network. What happens is, obviously there can be the number of servers in n number of locations.

What Facebook does is, Facebook will buy many servers in different locations of the world. At that time, when the user is accessing Facebook from Australia, you will get the data from the nearby server from your location. By this, you can access the site faster than before.

 Quick Recall
  • The data from where you’re accessing will be routed through your nearby server. Therefore, the site which you’re accessing loads faster.


Decentralized Apps or Network

If you’re a beginner it’s not as easy you think to understand this concept, but I will try to explain this easily.

In short, the Decentralized network doesn’t have any main server, So you may ask, from where do we get the data? You will get data from every computer who are using this App or the service of the DApp. That means each computer or node works as a server. Clear?…

So, how it can be unhackable 

Okay, let’s compare this with the centralized network to understand this better. We know that in the centralized network, all the following data is on the main server. Therefore, to hack it you need to get into the main server.

But here in decentralized, all App users or computers act as servers. Obviously, it is complicated for one to hack all computers which may be in thousands and even lakhs or users to get control over it.

How can DApps not have any downtime?

If you understand the concept better, you can easily guess why DApps are always up and don’t have any downtime.

It’s simple, the data is shared among all the computers or users, so it can the from any other computer in the world.

How DApps cannot editable or not in control of One’s hand. 

The basic concept involved in DApps is… When someone writes the coding of DApp and launch it to the internet via DApps creating platform.

At that moment of time, the DApp creator will lose his control over that App. It means, the creator itself cannot edit that Application nor delete it.

Therefore, it makes the Application more genuine and trustworthy to the users. One can create voting Application using the decentralized network( DApps).

I would like to go a little deep… 

The best example of a Decentralized network is “Bitcoin “


We all know, Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency ( Digital currency ) works on blockchain technology. Before proceeding, we need to have a bright idea about blockchain.

What is a blockchain?

Let’s understand this with a simple example…

Consider an excel sheet which is shared by every computer in the world and is connected to the internet. Let’s say the data in the excel sheet is related to the money transaction. Therefore, whenever a transaction is done. It gets recorded onto a row of excel sheet.

The excel sheet is live on the internet, so anyone from Mobile or computer can view the transactions which are recorded onto the excel sheet. But no one can edit the existing transaction which is recorded already.

Now let’s relate excel sheet example with blockchain…  

Excel sheets do have rows, am I right? As same as rows, blockchain have blocks.

What does the row in the excel sheet contain? Data, isn’t it?  As same, blocks of blockchain contain a piece of data. And each piece of data is added to the blockchain by connecting one block after another in a chronological way, pretty much same as adding rows in excel.

Then the series of the connection block is called a chain of blocks (i.e., Blockchain)


A blockchain is a global online database which anyone anywhere with an internet connection can use. Because it exists on the internet, it is “decentralized,” meaning the blockchain ledger is shared among all computers around the world, not in one central location.

Now, we will relate Bitcoin and Blockchain

Now you’re familiar with the concept of Blockchain… Blockchain’s very first and famous Application is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is created and works on the blockchain concept.

Let’s say you need to send money to any of your friends. How will you send it? To send the money, you need to have an account in the bank, and all other formality kinds of stuff are needed to do a transaction.

But you can send Bitcoin money to anyone and anywhere without seeking permission from banks or governments.

How is it possible?


Bitcoin’s blockchain doesn’t care whether the payment is done by humans or robots. Thousands of Bitcoins Nodes  ( For simple understanding you can consider this as the wire between two users connecting via node or nodes connecting to thousands of people or computers ) on the blockchain are equally effective to check the legitimacy of the payments. That’s why there is no need for any third party intermediates like banks.

Now you need to know…

How does this blockchain work for Bitcoin?



So now you got to know the concept of Blockchain. Now let’s decode how a blockchain works for Bitcoin. Let’s understand this with simple concepts…

  • Consider a bitcoin blockchain; there’s a block in the blockchain which has a peer-to-peer transaction.

Peer-to-peer: Transaction on the between two people without any intermediate thing or person.

  • After the transaction is completed between two users (Sending or receiving bitcoin money). The block (contains data of your transaction) is added after 10 minutes after they are verified by miners with the help of a general agreement mechanism.

Each block has special features like…

  • Each block is time-stamped ( Date and time is noted)
  • They are distributed and decentralized ( Each block has multiple copies placed in different locations)
  • Anyone can view what’s on the block.
  • They are irreversible.

What happens when a transaction is done on Bitcoin Blockchain

A small information note: Every ten minutes or so mining computers collect a few hundred pending bitcoin transactions (a “block”) and turn them into a mathematical puzzle. … The miner who found the solution gets 25 bitcoins as a reward, but only after another 99 blocks have been added to the ledger.  )

When a transaction happens on a blockchain, these transactions are first sent to unconfirmed transactions called mempool. Later, they are grouped into a block only after miners solve the difficult math problem. After this, those blocks are added to the blockchain.

In this way, as more blocks keep on getting added to the blockchain, it becomes more computationally difficult to reverse the transaction.

Bitcoins blockchain is used by millions of people and every person has a copy of the distributed ledger ( is a database that is consensually shared) on their personal computer.

Even in that ledger, you will have the ledger of first person ( Satoshi Nakamoto) who had first mined the bitcoin.

Even every transaction is secured by cryptographic math. If anyone tries to change the data in ledger one need to take control of millions of computers and it is next to impossible. By this, blockchain technology is impossible to Hack or to take control.

Actually, this concept is a hugely vast topic. And can write a book on this technology or network. Here, my main motto is to give very brief information regarding this network.

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