Body scanners need to be made compulsory at all airports soon


All the aviation decisions are taken by the Indian Bureau of Civil Aviation Security to implement any kind of scanners or X-Rays.

This time, BCAS had taken ahead in the terms of security and said that the Body scanners will be made compulsory at major airports in India.

Body scanners in India

According to the report given by them, they have a plant to install Body scanners in 84 Major airports to increase the security and also for the time-saving purpose while check-in.

The installation will be done completely before March 2020. However, these won’t be limited to 84 Airports. BCAS will make sure to be in every airport within a span of 2 years.

These steps can make sure there won’t be any security type of issues and recently face-recognitions also came into place at Hyderabad Airport for adding an extra layer of security.

Advantages of Body scanners

  • They can have a smooth and hassle-free check-in as there won’t be any manual body checkups with a physical scanner.
  • An extra layer of security, because it can monitor each and every part of the body.
  • It can eliminate any kind of non-detectable harmful materials hidden in the body. In body scanners, monitoring team can easily find the hidden objects.

New technology upgrade

BCAS joint director general Jyoti Narayan said: ” All the technology upgrade is due to the continuous changing of the security threat.”

He also claimed that the body scanners are ordered and can implement it into the major airports.

Narayan announced that BCAS has integrated radiation detection systems to check baggage for CBR and plastic explosives.

BCAS is also looking for CTX machines which can scan the hand luggage without removing any electronics out.

Body scanners: What does it see?

We generally know by the name that it will scan the whole body. But there’s a lot more to be added to it.

Generally, we do have two types of body scanners

  • Millimeter-wave scanner
  • Backscatter X-ray

Millimeter-wave scanner

It scans using High-frequency radio waves to portray the image of the body in which we can see the objects hidden under clothes.

body scanner

Backscatter X-ray

It detects the radiation which is released from our body.

Body scanner

In this, you can see that everything is visible and nothing can be hidden. It makes the extra security as well as the process easy for passengers as well.

Privacy of the passengers

Instead of the original images of scanned images, the software replaces with the mannequin and it displays the yellow spot if the machine finds anything suspicious.

So, there is no need to worry about any privacy-related issues while going for a body scanner.

Key Points

  • BCAS decided to install the Body scanners at major airports for extra security.
  • Now, scanners can have the ability to see each and every piece all your body. So, hiding things can land you in trouble.