Boeing company to Pay $100 Mn to Air Crash Victim families


One of the most successful airline model which is Boing 737 Max involved in a couple of crashes within 5 months.

More than 340 people killed in two deadly crashes. Investigators think that crashes were caused by the Boing’s new automated system installed in 737 Max.

Lion Air Flight 610  involved in a crash just minutes after taking off, killing 189 people on board.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 model is also a 737 Max crashed minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board.

Due to these similar problem incidents, Boing is rectifying the problem and still, the process is on. Some international operators grounded their planes and they are not to use the Max until everything is clear from all regulators.

According to the black box data, Investigators found some similarities between these two crashes. The new functionality developed for 737 Max appears to have malfunctioned resulting in the crash.

The financial Loss

Boing is also facing a financial impact of $7.3 Billion for rectifying the error for all 737 Max and also for grounding and not using the 737 Max planes. However, Boing allocated $100 Million for the family victims involved in the crash.

Boing reported losses for the two quarters and even the costs for the grounded 737 Max could keep growing.

Due to the safety issues with the 737 Max, Saudi airline recently canceled orders for 50 Max jets and placed an order with Airbus instead.

Not only Saudi, but Spice jet may also buy 100 planes from Airbus instead of 737 Max from Boing.

Even many airlines are demanding compensation from Boeing while their Max flights are not operational.


It is still unclear when the planes will able to fly again as boing works on fixing the problems new problem emerges dragging the dates behind with an increase of the cost. If the rectification takes even more time with the cost, Boeing may halt the manufacturing of 737 Max and instead, it will come up with the new rectified model.

The Major problem with 737 Max is the new MCAS system specially designed to pitch down the nose when the nose gets too high.

Reason for nose Pitch

To make more fuel-efficient, Boeing lowered the Engines and they have faced some issues with ground clearance. Later they have shifted engines a little bit upwards with keeping the wingspan at the same height.

So, the engines came a bit higher compared to wingspan making an aerodynamic imbalance in the Airflow over the wing. Due to this imbalance, the Airplane nose would pitch up more than normal leading to a stall.

To rectify this, Boing had introduced the MCAS system which automatically lowers down the nose after a certain nose pitch to stabilize the aircraft.

The nose pitch down is totally dependent on the two angles of attack sensors mounted on the plane’s cockpit exterior.

Instead of rectifying using the Software, Boeing shouldn’t design an Airplane that pitches up the nose more than normal due to the Aerodynamic functionalities.

Source: National Geography Lion Air Crash Documentary