BSNL Paid salaries. Government Rs. 38,000 Crore revival Project


Approved from NDA

Finally a big relief to the struggling BSNL employees and the company. As part of the NDA’s plan for BSNL to save from the crises, the Union Cabinet approved the revival proposal of the BSNL.

To the extent, BSNL and MTNL will now work normally without any further problems. Even the Government has decided to merge MTNL with the BSNL.

How much money is allocated by the government

Telecom minister ” Ravi Shankar ” announced a 4-way revival plan to save BSNL from the crisis. He also added that both companies will shine out after offering Rs. 29,937 crore to continue the operations.

With the help of Sovereign bonds, Rs. 15,000 will be raised for the continuous operations of the company. Along with that, the Government had decided to monetize Rs. 38,000 crore worth assets in a span of 4 years.

MTNL will come under BSNL

MTNL is listed in the stock exchange and before the continuation of the merging. MTNL will act and operate individually from the BSNL.

However, the merger takes quite a lot of formalities to be completed. Meanwhile, MTNL will act as a subsidiary to the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

At present, any step and plan will go in favor of both companies and their employees because the Government had taken a smooth step to favor the companies completely.

VRS Package

The government also kept an eye on the employee’s income and special packages under Voluntary Retirement Scheme and has been approved as well.

Minister Prasad said the scheme will benefit employees without any further twists. Employees with more than 53.5 years of age can apply for the package.

Employees would get 125% remuneration of salary, pension, and gratuity till the age of 60.

4G allocation at 2016 Prices

The government also approved for the allocation of 4G spectrum for the both companies as most of the users are completely using 4G speeds at a lower cost.

The overall cost of the 4G spectrum for BSNL and MTNL will be reduced as there won’t be any additional taxes.

BSNL Loses

Prasad also told reports that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has a total of 176,000 employees whereas MTNL has 22,000 employees.

When it comes to the revenue, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and MTNL are reporting looses from 2009-10 and contributing more than 76% of the total income to the employee salaries.

BSNL New Rs. 108 plan

The new BSNL 108 plan will be available from October – 24th all over India.

In addition to that, it also offers Rs. 1,188 prepaid plan but the plan is limited to the Tamil Nadu circles.

The plan offers:

  • 365 Validity
  • 250 Minutes of calling per day to any network.
  • 5 GB of data
  • 1200 SMS benefits.

Employee salaries Paid

The government plan really helped the 1.6 Lakh employees to get their September salary.

BSNL CMD PK purwar had declared that every BSNL employee will receive their salary on October – 23rd.

As promised each and every employee received their salary on October – 23rd morning.

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