Calculate burned calories with Xiaomi Mijia smart shoes

Calculate burned calories with Xiaomi Mijia smart shoes


Nowadays people are turning out to be a health conscious day by day.  To do so we make major changes in our diet to become healthier.

Although we follow the perfect diet. The one thing we need to focus on that is exercise.  For each individual walking is one of the best exercises which we need to follow for good health.

Now you may think, what may be the relation between tech and fitness.  Yes, at a point there is quite a beneficial relation which I will discuss in this article.


Generally, we have many mobile apps to calculate the burned calories while walking. But they are not much accurate and to overcome this problem Xiaomi had launched smart shoes called Xiaomi Mijia smart shoes.

What are Xiaomi Mijia smart shoes?

These are the normal type of shoes which will look similar to the normal type of shoes which we buy at regular shoe shops. But Xiaomi shoes come with some tech involved in it.

What is the use Xiaomi Mijia shoes?

We can calculate footsteps accurately without carrying the mobile phone with us. It also shows burnt calories on our phone with the help of Mi fit application.

How does it work?

When you purchase  Xiaomi Mijia shoes, you will get Shoes and an Intel 32-Bit IR Core chip. The quality of shoes is pretty decent.

Now I will explain how to use it…

The chip which comes in the box is also called as MH Fit Chip. It contains 6 access sensor, the step is counted by the pressure level of our step.

When you open the chip, you will find a battery inside the chip. According to the reports, the battery lasts for 60 days. It’s not a rechargeable battery, although you can buy batteries online.

Steps to pair the chip with your smartphone

Now you need to pair the chip with your smartphone by installing the Mi-Fit application.

After installing, you need to select Smart Shoes in the application.


Then you need to select Amazfit Smart Chip 2.


Then you need to select left or right shoe in which you need to place the chip.


Later on, you need to select static calibration in which you need to wear the shoes and walk till the successful calibration.

After successful calibration, you will be able to record your steps, burnt calories, Kilometres and duration of walking directly into your application.

Key advantages of Xiaomi Mijia

  • You can get these smart shoes for a very reasonable range of Rs. 3267
  • You can track your walking route in Mi-Fit application
  • There is no need of carrying a phone for steps to be recorded. You need to just sync with the app when you have a smartphone and automatically your data will be showed into your smartphone.