CamScanner has dangerous virus – You need to delete immediately.


The most useful and handy application which we use it in many ways is now affected with the Malware and you’re supposed to uninstall it right now. However, Google Store takes care of malicious apps to be out of the store.

Keeping this steady eye on all of the apps, some apps come out to be affected suddenly and come to notice after a while. In this case, users need to take care and follow the latest news related to security to be safe.

The most usable app as mentioned above ” CamScanner ” is affected with the malicious code which will affect its 100 million users worldwide. The app converts photo into a perfect scan copy which comes very handy and used many people.

Reason for affecting

Before the app uses clean UI without any advertisements and it didn’t violate any guidelines and it has a good trust record as well.

Later, when they started Advertising and in-app purchases phase for the earning of the application. Since then they have got into trouble with the malicious code present in the advertising module.

Kaspersky researchers said that the advertising module of the CamScanner app contains Malicious code. The trojan which is identified as “Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n”.

It is not for the first time that the researchers had identified malicious code, they have noticed the same type of code in many Chinese applications as well.

Affects of this Malicious code

The malicious code can show a different type of Ads and makes the user sign up for the paid services. This will affect many users as the app has huge database and people can easily become victims to these type of Advertisements. Even after installing some malicious content from the App, unknowingly users money can be deducted due to the virus.

Google Special rules after these issues

It is the whole responsibility of Google to take care of these apps. Google now extended the time taken for the approval apps to a time of 3 days. This means the app which you submit to Google will be verified with proper inspection and if they find any incomplete feature or flaw in the application it will get rejected without any response.

By this, they can avoid future incidents and their reputation as well.

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