Catch the culprit who is sending you junkmail


We all know that email spamming is one of the main issue resulting in getting tons of advertising emails.

In that many emails force us to make the purchase any membership and in return, they offer us some fake prizes.

Even many cases came out regarding email spam, so we need to be very careful regarding this.

Sometimes, We get so curious to know who had spammed our email.

Here I show-off one simple trick, by using that you will get to know who is the culprit. Sounds Interesting right?! 🙂


What is Email Spamming?

Some email spammers will grab your email from any database of the company by knowingly or else by the hacking companies database.

Moreover, companies even act too smart sometimes. Big companies can also sell your email address to spammers.

So spammers what they do is… They can send you Virus files or some files by which they can get easy access to your computer data.

You may wonder, how do they get your email address directly?… Basically, many websites offer their services only when you register to their website.

Automatically your email address will register in the database and there can be a chance that it might be used in the wrong manner even if they wish.

How to track Email spammers easily?

Before that there is a catch, unfortunately, it only works with the Gmail. Not an issue, everyone does have Gmail account.

With a little bit of planning, you can do some email tracking to see exactly who’s selling your info across the internet. Here’s what you do.

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So let’s understand this thing with an example…Let’s say, your email address is However, you may not know with whom your email address is attached with.

So, now whenever you give your email address to any company make sure you add ””. Here ” Website ” refers to the domain of the website where you are entering your email address.

You may think, is it a valid email address? Yes, it’s a valid one. Because Google cannot read the text after the ” + ” sign. So for Google, your email address looks like ””.

Track the person behind the junkmail

Now just wait for the culprit who is going to spam you… Let’s consider you had received some unknown email or some useless advertising email. When you receive that junkmail, you need to check the option ” Sent to”.

If you notice that the “sent to” option email is in the format ”” which you had signed up before for the website and you receive that email from an unknown company then you have the culprit.

It means the website you signed up had sold your email address to spammers. This way you can contact that website for legal actions.


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