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Friday, May 7, 2021

Bluetooth device can leak your phone data – Safe guard yourself

Even your own Bluetooth device can give access to hackers to get all your personal details. Even with the advancements of technology we are experiencing major privacy always and major vulnerabilities. At present, who is not...

Google Banned Xiaomi’s App from Google Play store

Caregivers report shows most of the users are using Mi for their daily proper needs and affordable Mi makes extra income from Advertisements Xiaomi is known for offering smartphones at a lower price and that's the...

Phone can be Hacked with just one MP4 video on your WhatsApp

With just a single MP4 video your phone can be under control by the hacker. This vulnerability is detected in the most used application WhatsApp. A new vulnerability has been detected in WhatsApp in which...

Apple Bans 181 Vaping apps from its App store – Vaping is injurious

Apple clearly announced that it is permanently banning products and application which are related to vaping. Apple has deleted all 181 vaping related applications from its App Store this Friday. Vaping can cause serious health problem However,...

Facebook Pay finally arrives and all you need to know about it

The routine and the follow up are continuing still with all tech giants which is payment integration. Getting their own payment system followed by Google and Apple, Facebook comes up with its own payment system...

Instagram is going to disable likes from your photos and testing is started

The major breakthrough in Instagram to be implemented in the coming in some of the countries. The update is  " No one will be able to see the Instagram Likes ". “We will make decisions that...