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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Apple SIRI will now support third-party Apps to do your job

When comes to third-party applications, Apple restricts the maximum required permissions to prevent unnecessary security issues. Thus you cannot download any open-source software to run on the Apple iPhone devices. Sometimes it gets to the extreme,...

2019 WhatsApp latest features and latest updates

WhatsApp is the most used App in terms of usage and on-time of single user. It is the only application which is used by all ages. The catch...

BHIM 2.0 has more promising features – Transactional Limit and more

After digitalization, there is a drastic sky rocking change in the mode of payment of the consumers. Even in the recent survey(link),  over 80% of the people will use online payment for their expenses. There are many online...

10 Agencies In India will able to keep every Indian Citizen phone on Tap

As per the reports, the Government of India had authorized more than 10 central agencies that are able to Tap Individual phones of every Indian Citizen. Among them, the Central Bureau of Investigation, Enforcement Directorate, and...

Simple ways for Youtube video downloader to your phone and PC

I am addicted to YouTube; I love to watch many tech-related videos and documentaries and much more. Even it has been the best platform for content creators in every niche. Moreover, the internet usage is increasing...

Bluetooth device can leak your phone data – Safe guard yourself

Even your own Bluetooth device can give access to hackers to get all your personal details. Even with the advancements of technology we are experiencing major privacy always and major vulnerabilities. At present, who is not...