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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Simple ways for Youtube video downloader to your phone and PC

I am addicted to YouTube; I love to watch many tech-related videos and documentaries and much more. Even it has been the best platform for content creators in every niche. Moreover, the internet usage is increasing...

Some share market equity tips must read

Some share market equity tips must read Some facts before trading  It is a given fact that very few traders make money , whether in the stock market or in commodities, whether in the cash market...

Phone can be Hacked with just one MP4 video on your WhatsApp

With just a single MP4 video your phone can be under control by the hacker. This vulnerability is detected in the most used application WhatsApp. A new vulnerability has been detected in WhatsApp in which...

How to control the distraction from social site ?

As we all are socially connected all the time through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some popular social sites. This helps you to get your mind relax for some time. When we all are...

How to Upload lengthy videos on Instagram(Update)

How to Upload lengthy videos on Instagram( Update) Instagram is one of the popular social Networking Site having more than 1 Billion active users per month. got an update To be in this competitive market, Instagram bought many...

How to send and receive payments through WhatsApp

Whenever your friend says you " Transfer some money ", either you reject or else you transfer through PayTm and many others. Nowadays transferring money has been so easy, that it takes only seconds to...