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Sunday, April 11, 2021

What are DApps? Why are they impossible to hack?( Beginners Guide)

Before kicking off... In simple language, I will tell you some understandable qualities of DApps. Unhackable Uneditable Uncontrollable Anyone can see it ( Open Source ) No downtime at all So, What is the full-form...

New MacBook Pro 2018 vs 2017 MacBook Pro vs iMac 5K shocking results

Lot's of confusion is going around the internet regarding MacBook Pro i9 performance. Confusions like...? Heating Problem Less performance than previous MacBook Pro's Keyboard problems Software issues. So, What we are up to now? let's extract...

New MacBook pro 2018 70% faster than previous MacBook Pro

Importance and foremost reason to buy MacBook Pro  Professionals in any areas can use the New MacBook Pro 2018. The MacBook Pro 2018 has many features as compared to previous versions. It works 70% faster, and...