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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Google Banned Xiaomi’s App from Google Play store

Caregivers report shows most of the users are using Mi for their daily proper needs and affordable Mi makes extra income from Advertisements Xiaomi is known for offering smartphones at a lower price and that's the...

Amazon new Alexa compatible Smart products – Smart Oven

Amazon's Alexa is one of the popular assistants. It even out beats theĀ  Google Home for its response and compatibility of the device. If you're wondering, Alexa can be used to control each and every...

Best Air-purifiers to buy to fight serious Air Pollution

It's been a serious issue with the pollution in Delhi state and Government and people need to take quick action to save themselves from Hazdours air. According to the Air-quality Index ( AQI ) data,...

Phone can be Hacked with just one MP4 video on your WhatsApp

With just a single MP4 video your phone can be under control by the hacker. This vulnerability is detected in the most used application WhatsApp. A new vulnerability has been detected in WhatsApp in which...

Google is now stepping into Banking sector – partnership with Citibank

Google is now entering into the Banking sectors which can be very challenging further and is said to be the most prominent move ever. We can say, Google will be the new and baby comer...

Delhi on Alert! Government declared emergency. Ways to be safe.

Delhi is now in a much worse condition for its serious pollution. The government had declared a " Public Health Emergency " for its Air pollutions. All the major activities will be stopped until November...