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Friday, July 3, 2020

India’s First Private Train – Tejas Express will start from October – Train Pics

This is something very uncommon in the phase of Indian railways and there is a major breakthrough as well.Indian Railways had come up with the plans of introducing privately-owned train which is known as...

Apple new sale method: Users now subscribe iPhone at cheaper rates

The sales graph for the iPhone is very messed up in India and it is becoming unpredictable and this can affect the companies annual revenue as well.However, India out-performed in terms of Mac sales...

More then 12% people are going to shop for Rs. 1,00,000 this Diwali

To get to know the audience's usage and mentality, a dedicated survey comes very handily to estimate the thought process.Retailers Association of India ( RAI ) conducted a survey based on a festival season...

Amazon and Flipkart may not offer deep discounts – Govt action

The quick answer from any customer for a perfect place for shopping will be Amazon and Flipkart.So it very clear that the major percentage share is occupied by Amazon and Flipkart.Having huge capital and...

Ola and Microsoft are in partnership to reduce Delhi’s Air-Pollution

Delhi is seriously battling with major Air pollution. The Air quality remains server even after implementing major steps.Ola and Microsoft had come up with the idea to provide real-time data on Air pollution quality.Ola...

ICRCTC will charge you extra in the form of Service Charge

The only way to book your Railway tickets is via IRCTC, even if you book tickets on other platforms as well.If you book tickets using Paytm a part of service charge is levied but...