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Friday, May 7, 2021

Railway passengers can avail Food for free – But there is a catch

We know the quality and cost of the food available at the Railway station. Now, it has changed a lot in terms of quality and pricing as well. Many new features also got introduced for...

Apple new sale method: Users now subscribe iPhone at cheaper rates

The sales graph for the iPhone is very messed up in India and it is becoming unpredictable and this can affect the companies annual revenue as well. However, India out-performed in terms of Mac sales...

Uber News – Anand Kumar got $6.5K for detecting Bug. New OTP for uber

If you travel via Ola, you may notice that you need to provide OTP before and after arriving at the destination. As same uber is also testing out the feature in which users can share...

Indian Railways new add-on, Check your train reservation chart online

Though the status of the booking might show you confirmed in respective with the PNR status. Still, many people will check the reservation chart before boarding. If you're...

YouTube Music- A step-by-step guide to access FREE

For major competition and all the new products, India is becoming Hub for any new launch. The reason behind is the huge population and continuous growing of Internet Users. So many competitors or services focus...
OnePlus Hyderabad

OnePlus opened its one of the largest R&D center in India.

One of the reputation and successful premium smartphone brand announced its Research and Development center in Hyderabad, Telangana. Within the span of 3-years, it will become the largest R&D center in India. This comes to...