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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Google is now stepping into Banking sector – partnership with Citibank

Google is now entering into the Banking sectors which can be very challenging further and is said to be the most prominent move ever. We can say, Google will be the new and baby comer...

Facebook Pay finally arrives and all you need to know about it

The routine and the follow up are continuing still with all tech giants which is payment integration. Getting their own payment system followed by Google and Apple, Facebook comes up with its own payment system...

Instagram is going to disable likes from your photos and testing is started

The major breakthrough in Instagram to be implemented in the coming in some of the countries. The update is  " No one will be able to see the Instagram Likes ". “We will make decisions that...

Loan Applications increased to 103% compared to 2018.- New Survey

This survey will make you stunned and it was conducted by IndiaLends. However, we have shared a complete shopping sentiment survey in which you will get to know the buying decision from the vast...

Apple new sale method: Users now subscribe iPhone at cheaper rates

The sales graph for the iPhone is very messed up in India and it is becoming unpredictable and this can affect the companies annual revenue as well. However, India out-performed in terms of Mac sales...

Cognizant will fire 13,000 employees – Content Moderation is closed

Cognizant is closing its Content Monitor Business. Because of this step, it can affect 13,000 employees in total globally and people who are looking for Cognizant, need to be aware of the situations. More than 500 employees from...