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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Facebook Pay finally arrives and all you need to know about it

The routine and the follow up are continuing still with all tech giants which is payment integration. Getting their own payment system followed by Google and Apple, Facebook comes up with its own payment system...

India’s First Private Train – Tejas Express will start from October – Train Pics

This is something very uncommon in the phase of Indian railways and there is a major breakthrough as well. Indian Railways had come up with the plans of introducing privately-owned train which is known as...

Google is allowing business post directly to search results

Google, the most potent and preferred search engine which is used by 90% of the population. The main reason which we prefer to use is that of its search results. The search results itself brings glamour...

Indian Railways added 2500 services to ensure Safety , Availability etc

Due to the increasing rush of the trains, Indian Railways is coming up with the many special features to cope up with the festival rush. India railways are going to add extra 2500 services onboard...

Railway passengers can avail Food for free – But there is a catch

We know the quality and cost of the food available at the Railway station. Now, it has changed a lot in terms of quality and pricing as well. Many new features also got introduced for...

Flipkart and Reliance Jio tops in National Consumer Helpline complaints

National Consumer Helpline is the perfect place for consumers to register their complaints who get bad service and un-resolving issues from e-commerce giants. Though many e-commerce giants solve their customer's problems and for few it...